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  1. Wachtergeist

    Where are you from?

    Yeah, Pandora isn't much of a fun place. Especially when you're Baron Flynt.
  2. Wachtergeist

    What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

    If we're talking first pc game I would have to say C&C: Red Alert 2. Played that game nearly to the point that the cd caught on fire.
  3. Wachtergeist

    After you die...

    Once i'm dead i'll just simply cease to be in all aspects. Won't have the capacity to ponder what all I left behind unless it was in my last moments and I was aware of that fact. I could however kick the bucket due to some massive cardiac arrest or a brain aneurysm and be completely unaware of my life near instantaneously coming to a close, But I digress. I don't really care who remembers me or for what reasons they recollect my living presence. I'll soon be forgotten or at best doomed to obscurity in the confines of some old family scrapbook only to be referenced maybe once or twice in a decade if even that after successive generations. Leaving behind a promising and successful progeny isn't entirely important either, There's already another 7-8 Billion people on this planet give or take running through the motions so I fail to see the point in attributing to an ever growing human population. It would be perfectly acceptable to be cremated and discarded over some sunny peak after I expire. Nowhere near as wasteful, extravagant, or expensive.
  4. Wachtergeist

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I agree, Had Boxers and Rottweilers when I was growing up. Sweetest and most protective dogs I ever had. Any dog's nature will be predominantly shaped by how their owners treat them and the conditions in which they're kept. But seems a good number of people are still ruled by their own fears and misunderstanding of certain subjects. Now that's something that annoys me.
  5. Wachtergeist

    What's on your mind?

    Going back and playing New Vegas, Running through the "Someguy Series" of mods. Ahh, good times being a bounty hunter.
  6. Wachtergeist

    The Banning Game - II

    Banned for assuming I belonged to any particular unit forced to march.
  7. Wachtergeist

    Good News, Bad News - II

    Good News: There's another bag of fresh dog food in the garage.
  8. Wachtergeist

    Smells like...

    Smells like dark coffee.
  9. Wachtergeist

    The Banning Game - II

    Banned for cutting rations and ordering a forced march anyway.
  10. Is causing a great deal of seismic activity.
  11. Wachtergeist

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, They let you out of your tiny cage. I wish the beta would stop getting delayed.
  12. Wachtergeist

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    The summer update Beta for Killing Floor 2 keeps getting pushed back further and further. This annoys me a little, but at the same time I kinda hope they iron out a few of the more obvious bugs before allowing everyone to opt in and go nuts. Less crashes and the like. Less general complaining and hypocritical angry players who want them to release it now anyway. Bag of mixed feelings about it actually.
  13. Wachtergeist

    Big Boys DON'T Cry!

    Nice reference In such a situation a person won't have much use for crying or worrying about such social constructs. You'll put yourself to work doing something necessary for continued survival, someone will put you to work, or someone may perhaps kill you and your entire family for a jar of peanut butter just because they have a sweet-tooth. Humanity can be rather impulsive like that. Edit: In any case if I was too subtle or just flew off on a tangent like I most likely do on occasion, the thought that boys are not only conditioned or raised with the notion that crying is a sign of weakness among other things is pretty twisted in a modern society. May even contribute to unstable emotional states or possibly the high suicide rates of men, who's to say? But in the terms of the future if society ceased to continue the way it does be it by catastrophe, shortage, or some nationally crippling event I wouldn't put it past our wonderfully intelligent and adaptive species to simply regress to a more barbaric state of existence to cope with the new (old) world order. At that point I'm pretty sure there will be yet another period where starving masses and massive urban population centers evacuate due to violent conflict and riots. Wouldn't put it past anybody with a previously shady demeanor to do whatever it takes to persist in that kind of world by any means. But it would be interesting to think what kind of social constructs that people would force on one another when there is hardly any semblance of order to be found if still a bit macabre. What would be expected of Men and Women on a regional level? How would they conduct themselves? But, yeah. That men should never cry under any circumstance is complete crap unless you need a warrior to go fight and die in a foreign war or in a defensive action, otherwise it's no more useful in most other occasions.
  14. Wachtergeist

    Big Boys DON'T Cry!

    If we're judging what the future may be like in the future I would say that there will be a great deal of regression in the way of social advancement. The present that these "superpower" nations exist in is one that will prove to be completely unsustainable after a certain amount of time. Too many people, too much consumption of material, not enough arable farmland, no feasible alternatives to petroleum based energy and it's industrial uses, etc. At best humanity will likely go back to smaller agricultural settlements, or it will be total anarchy with the only law being that of who is strong enough or ruthless enough to survive.
  15. Wachtergeist

    Good News, Bad News - II

    Good News: You at least wont see it coming and it will also be a brief encounter.