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  1. I only need help resolving the following records; any tips? (UPDATE: I did a quick auto clean and will test if this fixes anything)
  2. Can you confirm if this conversion actually works? I would very much like to know. I did my own conversion, but it did not work at all except for the MCM and being able to use the wearable devices by way of AddItemMenu. As a matter of fact, not only have I tried playing with different MCM settings multiple times, I have even tried out multiple different male spouses and homes while playing as a different race every single time, but no matter what, I get no dialogue prompts nor any events. I have even tried waiting one hour at a time for an entire week, but nothing ever happens.
  3. I would also like to know if I can safely update from "Merged SE v2.0.1.1" to "Merged SE v2.0.1.2" without needing to create a brand new game?
  4. Thank you for the quick response! - I do not have limited removal enabled, and I usually have more or less all of the wearable zbf devices (from ZaZ's Anim Pack) in my inventory. I will go back to the aforementioned save game and try if removing all of these from my person - and enabling limited removal - will make a difference. Sounds like it very well might. - Judging from your response, and seeing as I no longer use a bashed patch or merged patch, I take it that I can safely move sanguinesDebauchery.esp to the top of my load order without having to create a brand new
  5. FertilityMode has some really good features that you do not get with HentaiPregnancy, such as a fertility cycle, labor animations and the ability to actually give birth to real NPCs. However, HentaiPregnancy has far better and more realistic-looking belly and body morphing, and it also allows you to lactate and milk yourself. I use both of these mods together, but the fact that I have to consciously sync HentaiPregnancy from time to time in-game so that it respects values from FertilityMode is rather annoying, so I must ask if it would be possible for you to implement some sort of addon or opt
  6. Hello, @DeepBlueFrog. I have this issue with SD+ on SSE that I thought you might be able to shed some light on. When I submit using SD+ - or get enslaved through SD+ by way of another mod, most notably Deviously Enslaved Enhanced - I always get the "You have been defeated and taken as a slave (...)" -prompt, along with the first two messages informing the player that they are entering enslavement, but the load time for the rest of the sequence varies absurdly. Most of the time, it only takes a second or two, but on some of my saves it can take as long as 5~10 minutes. Why is there such
  7. Are there any 3BA conversions for the milking armor? Also, if there is any way to make the milk pumps align with 3BA, that would be amazing.
  8. Thanks for the quick and enlightening response. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I must also say that - in that I have been here for as long as I have - I feel quite stupid for forgetting that it is actually @Kimy who is behind the original mod. Thank you for reminding me Also, sorry @Kimy! I actually included a preface, but perhaps you missed it. So, in case you did not read it; I was not flaming @zarantha at all, but rather, merely calling them out on a statement they made that was rather inaccurate. If you look at the numbers - that t
  9. Listen, this is your mod, so I will not flame you for not supporting CBBE 3BA, but do not lie to these people. A quick glance at the clothing section on the SSE nexus is more than enough to inform anyone that CBBE 3BA and BHUNP have largely supplanted vanilla CBBE and UNP in popular use. TBD, CBBE SMP and CBBE SMP 3BBB are the only other popular options, but these were already starting to fall out of favor in spring of last year, and I suspect these will eventually stop being supported considering how much traffic has been rediverted to CBBE 3BA (or to BHUNP among Japanese and Kore
  10. I get an impression from the description that the mod does not function well together with Sanguine's Debauchery or may perhaps even break if used together with it. A big portion of the mods here on LL rely on SD+ as a requirement, as you surely know, so I need to know if we are talking about minor issues or major compatibility issues. It is hard for me to justify using the mod unless it is at least mostly compatible with SD+.
  11. @Suke23 If you ever managed to fix it, hit me up. I know for fact that the issue is not caused by SL Survival or Slaverun Reloaded because I have had the issue since before I acquired them. I am also fairly certain that I tried a setup without SL RDS, but not sure. If it had been the cause of the issue, I would have disabled it immediately, but it is still part of my setup. I am starting to think that what is causing the problem is SL Sexual Fame Framework, or possibly Spectator Crowds.
  12. Does the latest version work with Devious Devices v.4.3?
  13. I have A LOT of mods that rely on version 4.3 of DD. What issues could one face if one does update to 5.0? Are there scripts and/or files in 4.3 that are not at all present in version 5.0 or that are modified in such a way that it would render 5.0 incompatible?
  14. @gargamel9 I was just about to install your mod when I saw that it requires version 5 and up of Devious Devices. I do not think the majority of mod authors were expecting a version 5.0 of DD, and moreover, many mods that rely on version 4.3 are no longer being updated because their authors left the community. Thus, for compatibility reasons, I will not be able to update to DD5. Are you certain that your mod is not compatible with version 4.3 of DD? Does it rely on features and/or scripts only available in v.5.0+ of DD? UPDATE: nevermind, I see now that the
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