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  1. I had to roll back to the original Forbidden Luxury. I love the potential of this mods expansion but its current state is disappointing. The new ingredients are cool but the armors are invisible, theres wild edits in Rorikstead that will need to be deleted in Xedit, and Im not even sure argonians or khajiits can even be skinned now based on the description. Man what a shame, cuz this mod could be a riot.
  2. I figure hed rather not have bothersome PMs about Captured Dreams .. considering how he went as far as pulling it all down.
  3. I just need the old mod page description. Dependencies, incompatibilities, quest troubleshoot, changelogs.. etc. I get he wanted the files down but the page should be available for anyone who already has the mod.
  4. Im getting an error message to install Captured Dreams patch version 4.16 but the patch for that version is not available in the download section. I guess Im using an old Captured Dreams and its been taken down so im out of luck if I cant get that old patch. ??
  5. Is anyone willing to update this patch with monomans tweak and then update both to 827 version of Slavegirls? Or is it even necessary?
  6. Ahh gotcha. You can tell Ive never backported before by the way I didnt understand what you meant. I appreciate this. Im gonna learn the hang of it and maybe I can return the favor to someone else. CK tends to annoy the crap out of me though, Im gonna have to get over that.
  7. Thats the patch needed to be converted to LE. Its a patch for Enhanced Solitude and Solitude Expansion. He already converted his mod ES to LE but only provided that patch for his mod and another for SE. LE version of his mod has everything but that patch. And no worries.. Ive been wanting this mod for months, you could take 2 weeks to provide it and I'd be happy. haha/
  8. Thanks to Shirya for converting Shinobi body mesh in SE I was able to take that and get a LE conversion compliments of another user. File is attached for anyone else interested in a LE version of Shiryas body conversion. _ShinobiFollower(1).zip
  9. Looking at the mod I notice theres a few scripts.. Im thinking that changes things but hoping not. Enhanced Solitude Expansion SSE-27816-1-1-1565534214.7z
  10. Cant thank you enough for this.. i mean really, very cool. Im finding it harder getting help these days the older Skyrim LE gets.. but here we are.. The Solitude file is in the download page from the link I posted. Its in the optional files section and is titled "Enhanced Solitude Expansion SSE". Its a few optional files down in a fairly large list.. but all it is is a patch for his Enhanced Solitude mod and someone elses mod for the dock district called Solitude Expansion. Without that patch for LE buildings and such clip badly when that docks district mod is also installed.
  11. Holy moley.. what a great place to find after a search for how to backport SE to LE.. Even if you dont help me, I wanna say thank you on behalf of others. Here goes.. I have a relatively simple request, the one that led me to the search engine before I got here: (the attached file below) Its just the meshes, not the entire follower. The follower is found here on LL, but the problem is that when you take off her armor she loses her great UUNP thickness and becomes a thin woman. Someone in the comments section was nice enough to convert her body mesh to match the armor but they only did it f
  12. Late to the party but It would be great if the Giants Club exploit was un"fixed". It was the only Giant Club in the game that you could use and not only that, when you gave it to a follower they would automatically equip it because its a beast. Mjoll without a Giants Club is so wrong I have to find a mod and take up a spot in my load order just to give her one. Ya know, If someone had patched GTA3 to get rid of exploits, that game wouldve lost at least 50% of its fun.. no bulletproof helicopter, or Infernus... just sayin...
  13. For those having trouble getting the custom animations to work, I had to create a new folder in the archive and name it ANIMLIST (Im thinking this is the hang up for many of us.. including MXR) , then drop the .lis files provided for both Myra and Lintra into that folder. Next, set the data path in the Config.txt to wherever your Skyrim Data Folder is located. Then set AddAnimData.exe to open as an Administrator, and finally run the tool. Done. Now I need help fixing a bug or two with Myra and Lintra. One bug is the sexlab animations do not work with them. Is there a way to add these to the
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