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  1. hi people don't know if there is a site where all skyrim lovers debug their 18+ builds for general use, there's just no time to mess around with mods and so on.
  2. Hi, please advise a good build on LE as I'm new here and don't know how to install mods properly
  3. Well, I probably don't care if it's Le or SE, the main thing is a good build, which can take a long time. I do not use the manager, if the assembly requires it, then I download it
  4. Hello everyone, I recently found out about this site and what is going on here and I wanted to install mods too and play with them, but I do not know how to install them and how not how to know the programmed ones, so maybe there are people here who have assemblies or know where to download them? Ps the larger the assembly, the better: P
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