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  1. A Semi-Truck load of kudos and many thanks to Billyy for the Slal files of animations. I have been waiting and searching for four years for great work like that!. Absolutely fantastic work! The answer to over six years of dreaming for good dwarven automaton animations, so hot! I cannot thank you enough! Now I can really enjoy delving into dwarven ruins as the inmates delve into me! A wonderful experience indeed!
  2. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    I'll give that a try, tyvm, tried as many ways as I know how to get the Geck to work but no luck, it loads the file made active but oddly different from construction kit for Oblivion and Fallout 3. there is no data in the information/implementation windows at all, a bad or corrupt Geck file itself? I just don't know, the bug ridden condition of any game produced by Bethesda can be very frustrating for simple users like me, way back in the beginning years ago I had no idea becoming a proficient computer programmer was a requirement for playing Bethesda rpg games! A person of my gender is not supposed to be logic minded in our thinking anyway, and I find the whole situation highly unfair. But with no other options available what can I do? Ah well, such is life I guess. OH btw a question about pregnancy, does it take days and days of game time for any pregnancy to progress? And, does the same thing apply to fertility cycles and getting pregnant in the first place? If that is true that would put a severe crimp in game play enjoyment in my own opinion.
  3. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    For whatever reason the attempt to use the add item method doesn't work, console keeps responding with the message wrong id code, many tries and no success so far, changed the xx down the complete list of load order values, same message each try and with GECK a non-function for me I'm out of ideas. Turning out to be a very costly effort situation for me and not much enjoyment in return.
  4. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    TYVM for the assistance, a rare thing indeed and sadly the rare thing between most modders and mod users, a societal constant with our world. I will see if your data will allow me to progress further with the mod, which is as far as I have seen a very good one discounting the complexity of its' function. Speaking as a very long time user of mods, (20 years+) it has appeared to me that the more complicated a mod is, the greater the chance of errors and unfixable glitches for the users of them. The thing I have hated the most over the years is to see modders put hours on end into making a good or great (playable) mod and then having all that effort and work go to a complete waste. But I also know that is the risk of practically all human endeavors. It's just a sad fact of life itself. Have a great day and thank you again. If I had the coin I would have been more than happy to donate to your efforts, but in my case a level of poverty most would not believe or understand prevents that from happening. Fare thee well.
  5. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    If you have trouble with pregnancy, use the console command "player.additem XX23120 1" (replace the "XX" by the load index number of Sexout Pregnancy.) This should give you a bighorner calf, allowing you to progress.
  6. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    My player character doesn't seem to want to produce calves and I do not know why, that's probably the blocking glitch to moving on from here, oh well. But thanks for the clues as to how it was supposed to go. Also I world mention here that I am strictly a user of mods and NOT a modder myself and my pc doesn't seem capable of running the GECK for data lookup or quest stage forwarding so I'm pretty much a screwed duck in those respects. Have a great day!
  7. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    The basement part is included in the FB main module. A quick walkthrough: -Give a calf to Martin in Goodsprings, completing that episode. -Ask him if there's anything else you can do, he'll ask you to deliver a package to his brother, Jeff. -From here, things should be pretty straightworward. -Once the quest is complete, just keep bringing Bighorner calves to Paula until you kick off the FBFarm episode. Hope that clears things up, although I seem to recall it being described somewhere on the FB Main Page. I'll add this to the FBFarm DL Page as well
  8. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    a clue or three on how to get her out of the basement and actually make a bit of progress toward the farm would have been nice, many modders get sooooo involved in the mechanics of (their) modding they lose sight of the roadblocks that do not allow a (User) of the mod to actually enjoy and complete it. I have seen this be the downfall of what would have been many great mods in the past, ah well, such is life! fare thee well!
  9. The person that archived the original files for this mod really should have included the pregnant body meshes for it, works a heck of a lot better that way! And I can make this statement with all sincerity and truth because trust me they are NOT there, if ya like NOT seeing a pregnant female nude body then this is what you will get with the mod as it is now. Oopsie!!!
  10. LAPF

    Your advice and response is truly appreciated, it was LAPF 60 days almost of trial and error, but great news they are now working, finally got to the 2 other mods had in a list of almost 136 that were the incompatible culprits. They were overriding the animations. The animations are indeed great! Well done and kudos to the makers!! a now Happy Camper --------> boserman :-)
  11. LAPF

    after 2 months approx. of trying to get lapf animations to run I'm ready to just quit. Followed every installation instruction to the letter and the player character and npc involved just both stand in the same place and do nothing nothing nothing. Enough to drive a person to drink taking all this time up and no results. Kinda makes the position selection rather pointless and totally useless if all the characters do is stand there and look stupid. ah well I'll check back every now and then to see if any advice or reply to this is made, but I'm way past hoping to get the blasted animations to actually work. I think that would take a small miracle for that to ever happen. irks me to realize years of Oblivion playing and when I finally find a (good) adult mod for it it turns out to be no good for me, just my usual luck. :-( unhappy camper -----> boserman