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  1. Есть, но не все. Основную часть выкладывал в данной теме: Вот еще перевод esp для HSH и AYGAS. Только есп, к сожалению не умею переводить скрипты, не сломав их. HSH+AYGAS.rar
  2. Можешь кинуть(не только епс)? Там куча скриптов, не могу перевести(
  3. Народ, а есть где-то перевод SD под СЕ? А то требуется для мода, а без переведенных скриптов чет грустно.
  4. True, I used zaz 8 on SE. There are too many problems with zaz, furniture may become invisible until you reload game or something else.
  5. Is it first 2 screans use Submissive Lola the Resubmission mod or only this mod? I want to collect all the mods correctly in advance🙂.
  6. 1) Make game variable for acceptance of slave laws that influence NPC slavery dialogues in cities, etc. If acceptance is low, make dialogues from the old Slaverun. If acceptance is highter make women more obidient and submisive. After a certain value, if the player is slaver and female, then the player will be recalled back to Slaverun for briefing where it will be offered to female slavers to choose slave rank(from lowest to highest) and be slave or leave organization. It is possible to add other types of events, like: If player is female and mage in College of Winterhold that on reaching some level of Winterhold acceptance of slave laws the player receives a quest in which there will be a message that she was expelled from the College and now women only can be alloved to be College Slave-assistant for experiment and mage relaxation. Of course, the player will be kindly offered to stay as a slave of College. 2) New classes of slaves Slave-assistant of College Experiment on player slave(maybe something like that Morthal). After Winterhold accept laws and reach some acceptance of slave laws that all female mages become slaves with dialogue in which they say they are assistants now. Noble slave Nps like a Idgrod the Younger or Elisif will be honorable to be a slaves of Masters with high post(Or male player slaver for PC achievements) or powerful people(Jarls, thanes, advisors ...). Also it would be nice if female slaver can chose this option after recalled to Slaverun. Got special training to become toy for Noble Slavers or etc. With high privileges and high demands. You must always be submissive to Master. There is only thanks to him that you became a slave. Playstyle: personal toy of Master or his friends. Different types of orgies on fests with another Masters, Jarls... and Noble slave. Maybe some special benefits(jewelry or something not material). Also Farm(milk and breeder) slave, Mine(miners toilet) slave, and other. It would be nice if slaves will be divided into different groups with their own ranks tree, like Farm slave cant become a Maid slave, at best she can only hope to be not the breeder because of the owner's pleasure and become farmer milk fucktoy. Also Mine slave is too "dirty" to become sonething another. 3) Also be nice to see new classes of slavers(haven't come up with yet😅😞 Novice Slaver Slave Master Noble Slaver (Maybe High King of Skyrim at end of male slaver story by enslaving Elisif as PC Noble Slave🤔, this simply can be done by remove JarlJob and anorher fraction from NPC) 4) There also I want to suggest more stricter rules. Female PC can't leave/enter slave city without male follower or special permision for Female slaver. Some other deprivation of rights. 5) A more lively(immersive on Skyrim term) world. I think this can be done using acceptance of slave laws. And all kinds of events. Like your husband or follower can offer PC to become a slave. Forsed dialogues from follower/husband like this: - My love, I have made up my mind to make you my slave. It will be better for all of us. We live in town with slave lavs. Or from wife(if player live in town with slavery) - Darling, we need a serious chat. Yesterday one of my friends was enslaved and raped in front of me. I think it's time for me to acept a new law and be enslaved by you if I dont want to become one of this whores on street or something worse *Sob*. (there also need an option to reject this but enslave her if Player is a Slaver) Also there can be dialodues for unmarried or without male follower from slaver or random male NPC(to become NPC Maid Slave). Which can lead to enslavement if player are insolence or just a lack of speechcraft(inadvertently agree to be a slave or be deceived in another way) Maybe something like this for slaver: (Slaver) - I secretly support the anti-slave law organization and I can help you escape this city, if you agree to help, meet our organization in (PC will be enslaved by gate guard, if PC will believe and take fake permission to leave) Maybe something pre-written for NPC. Like it was in riverwood with Sven. Maybe something like this: Olfina Gray-Mane want to be Jon Battle-Born slave, Adrianne want to be Street Slut, Pelagius need Nimriel as a Milk slave ... You can make these quests dependent on the acceptance of slave laws, some mind breaks) It would also be good if there were quests like in a Solitude palace or story that have Diana's family for Skyrim NPC dependent on the acceptance of slave laws. And one more thing: I don't really like the concept of "agents". In the original, this is the weirdest part of the mod, where the Player does everything. It is better to do this part of mod somehow like a serving one of Slaver-agent. I mean to do assignments more primitive for slaves. As a result, I want to say: I agreed with Syntonic and dont like that dialogues and quests for "agent". And I wanted to see a more violent world with changes of people's mood. Also I don't like female slaver story, for me is too illogical in a world where the PC is(I mean Slaverun or Slaverim, not Skyrim). It would be cool to make a more drama to story by hopelessness for every woman, free or slaver. A world where you need to be slaver or noble just to not be Street Slut or something less like a human on farms one day. A world in which acceptance of the new law is changing and over time unwillingness of player and NPC to be a slave changing to, and more womans want to become slaves for their safety or plaything from their dark fantasies(Reference to a scientific article about LoversLab, if someone has read this😏). P.S. Perhaps what I described can be made "hardcore" version where it is more difficult to live as free. P.S.S. Thanks for doing this mod. P.S.S.S I hope you find something useful from what I have written. Thanks🙂.
  7. Maybe got the same problem using Devious Devices - Contraptions that have Will55. If I lock the npc in DD furniture that I can no longer access to NPC. By the way, it would be cool if the NPCs couldn't escape from Zaz furniture(or did it if they were left alone for more than a week). This is logical, they have nothing to help them do it. But NPC can get out of the locked cage(or something else) in 1-2 day.
  8. Ну сам мод добавляет анимации и модельки для анимаций(фурнитуру), с этим он справляется на ура. А вот с модами, что использовали бы его грамотно кроме Devious Devices - Contraptions я не нашел. Умельцы с Нексуса вообще додумались взять ресурсы из мода и использовать их просто в качестве статических декораций.
  9. Народ, я вот думаю. Есть фреймворк ZaZ и его доработки от Tara. А чет модов, что его бы использовали вообще не найти. Или фреймворк можно использовать в игре как-то?
  10. Как раз на LL все будет куда медленее. Народ, есть ли способ через xEdit(или что угодно, кроме СК) убрать у непися из мода татуировки?
  11. Как раз проблема в этих модах, так то обнова - это хорошо с учетом того, что они и правду чет исправляют. Но эти моды из СК мягко говоря не нужны. Если пройтись по всему списку модов, то там интересных от силы не больше десятка(для меня так вообще только на Айлейдские руины). Хотя тут уже кому как. И да, должен признеать читаь эти 2 пункта было приятно. Но вот то что дальше - не особо. Давно пора стряхнуть пыль с СЕ. General performance optimizations Minor art and lighting fixes И еще одна проблема с модами LL. Они медленей будут переезжать на AE. На это могут уйти года)
  12. Maybe to late answer, but I will answer. Open NPC in xEdit and you can see their Factions. In game you need to use in console command removefac id to remove everything that can prevent enslavement(like jobjarl faction)
  13. Уф, а у меня вот этот баг из-за перезапуска мода в средине игры, почему-то пресет перестал работать🙃.
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