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  1. tenkoko

    BBC beach

    Perfect... so hot to see white chicks get BLACKED 😍
  2. A short story I made, might make a longer one in the future
  3. I might make a longer version with a more coherent story in the future haha
  4. When we are super open with each other in terms of what we want and need from each other, just really great communication. Itd be great if she was into all the things Im into as well :D
  5. Heather Watson, one of my fav sims I recently made
  6. I usually just play as a female sim who ends up fucking every BBC in town or her own family, both usually end in impregnation
  7. Second this, this would be an amazing and sexy CC
  8. One of my fav girls Ive ever made! Heather Watson
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