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  1. Thank you very much. I'll change that for the SSE version.
  2. Or have no money/half of the 35000 but it's possible that i didn't add the required scripts But i am 100% sure that if you have no money, the last quest starts. If you have half of the 25000/35000 no one has to wear a Chastity belt.
  3. Scenes not starting sounds like Fuz Ro D'oh is missing. If you have, it installed play the mod again, and after you talk to the warden, type: player.sqs RR_IntroQuest You should be at stage 60
  4. Little Update Hey everyone, we are still busy with the next update but getting closer every day I can still not say how long it will take. For now, I have something for you guys to try out if you want. Before starting work on the Facility, I made another mod but ultimately didn't like my writing, so I stopped work on it. I was supposed to be a Quest mod with some Hearthfire elements mixed in. But it never got to that stage, so only some Devious Quests are in the mod. Two are complete-able, and the last one you can play almost to the End. The only requirement is DD.
  5. Agreed, it's just not our (Racoon / me) cup of Tea. But for everyone else with Modding capabilities, I will try to make the Tasks "framework" as open and easy to add to as possible. So if you feel something is missing that we don't cover, you can add some tasks yourself. And also, you can always make suggestions. (Edit: The only stipulation here would be that the character needs to stay in some sort of Rubber clothing ) So thank you, @mollydeal, for your suggestions. Let me respond in a little more detail. I won't say
  6. Fun fact I actually started with updating TiR. I already had some of the DD code replaced and the Slave Hunt Quest repaired but ultimately scrapped it again since I wanted something that allowed me a little more creative control. Plus it also didn't help that the Quest structure was just not what I am used to.
  7. Yeah, I suspected as much. The current beds have the same issue. I can still make them useable in the game just without enter/exit animation. I have some ideas for this piece but would need to ask the Author first if they are willing to let me use it. But I am busy working on a different piece of Furniture right now.
  8. BS files will be in the next version. We redid the File structure so all outfits have different paths and thus won't be compatible with the old version.
  9. Of course, already done for all Outfits, thanks to @Racoonity, Serah
  10. Well, a few pages back, I said at the end of the Month, but that's not happening since we decided to give almost the whole mod and Overhaul. Due to that reason, I can't give a new time estimate. But work is progressing very well. If I had to guess, we are a little under halfway done with the next version.
  11. I pushed it way down on the to-do list since it won't play a big role in the next update. We do plan to fix it until then, but it isn't the biggest priority right now.
  12. Hey everyone, I want to give an update on the current state. So first off, I want to announce that @Racoonity is the Co-Author of The Facility. They do amazing work in Bodyslide as well as make my Bland writing much more interesting to read, among a lot of other stuff that you have yet to see I also want to thank @OpheliaComplex for reaching out to me and offering their help on the Facility. They already contributed a new Struggle Animation for the Pedestal. And some other stuff I don't want to spoil yet There is another announcement I would like to make, b
  13. I kind of overshot it in the next update with detail. I also regularly have to stop myself from adding more security checks. Glad to hear you like it. This I don't really get. Can you explain what you mean? Are there any missing markers? Are you talking about the tone of the characters? If so, then that is intentional. While you are an inmate or Patient, I want the staff to stay cold towards the "Guests." That will not be true for the Test subject questline. Always appreciate suggestions and criticism, so thank you
  14. That's odd. Can you enter the facility and see if the marker point's to anything? We made sure all vanilla edits are removed in the next version. So that will probably also be fixed.
  15. Since I posted it in the DD Beta for a feature request im just going to leave that here.
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