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  1. I am trying to think of a way this could happen. But I am not sure. Next time play the Game. Can you check if any of the Vanilla dwemer ruins have missing Elevators? Are you sure the original mod was not installed on the save that you use?
  2. Odd, do you use a mod that changes the Dwemer Lifts in some way? For some reason, they seem to be absent.
  3. Hey there, It sounds like you are missing some DLC's. You need all Skyrim DLC's for this mod.
  4. Hey, I am a bit surprised never seen or heard of this kind of issue. And sadly, looking over your Loadorder, I can't see an easy solution at the moment. However, I have a few suggestions that might help. Set the Facility last on your load order to make sure it's not overwritten by anything else. Visit Kagrenzel and try the Vanilla Fliptrap to see how it behaves. That's all I have at the moment. Try this for now, and let me know how it goes.
  5. Thanks, At the moment, the only dialogue that I am aware of that still pops up are device comments and the Gag dialogue. I know this isn't the Cursed Loot thread, but I should still mention it. The Cursed Loot Gag dialogue never shuts down, even if the rest of the mod is. I would also like to rephrase my suggestion since I might have put an unfair focus on Cursed Loot. But I think this could be something useful for the Framework to make DD mods play better with each other. So the idea is to make a Faction and or add Keywords that can be added to NPC's and Locations to
  6. So what I am suggesting is making a Keyword that can be attached to Quest-relevant NPC's that other mods can check. As an example, and since it's relevant to us at the moment, a way to suppress Cursed Loot Device comments. Adding said Keyword to DD and Attaching the Condition: HasKeyword zaz_QuestNPC = 0 (just an example) would prevent the comments from firing. At least that's my assumption from quickly glancing over Cursed Loots Dialogue. I should note since it might be relevant. I did add our NPC's to Cursed Loot's No Solicitation List. This removed some dialogue but n
  7. Quick Question what esp do you use? V0.75, 0.74 or are you using the Performance test I posted on the last page.
  8. Yeah, I love cluttering Cells, so I will most likely do it again for other cells. But yeah, I'll keep it in mind during troubleshooting.
  9. I made Roombounds in the Cell. It was such a pain, but according to @Racoonity, Serah it improved their Frames per Second by ca. 30 - 40 I wouldn't know mine is capped at 60 This is only really needed for large Cells or ones that are densely cluttered.
  10. Hey everyone, So since Bug reports have slowed down and anything really game-breaking was fixed @Racoonity, Serah and I will start work on new stuff. But before we start, I have a Question. Did any of you experience performance issues while inside the Main prison? This could show in multiple ways, especially with a heavily modded game: Scenes taking way too long or not starting at all Forcegreets not starting correctly, or it takes way longer than it should FPS dips Game crashes If any of these have been an issue for you, I ask that you try this new esp.
  11. Not exactly I was talking about the broken scene, but I did make some changes to the maiden code that might fix your problem too.
  12. Thank you for the report wasn't such a big issue And is already fixed for the next version.
  13. @sinola I forgot to give this door a Key. It will be fixed in the next version.
  14. The most common cause for this issue is the DD Device Hider. In the DD MCM Devices Underneath (1) -> Long hair Set this to none and the Hood should work.
  15. @Tr_veller Did you already have time to see if the Sphere issue was resolved with the latest update?
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