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  1. Thanks to this mod, Devious Devices, Extensible Follower Framework and Simple NPC Outfit Manager, I can finally have nicely stocked stables at Lakeview! Now I just need to try to combine it with the Pet Ring and Calyps Animal Ears to also have a few puppies and kitties roaming the area.
  2. Here's an interesting incompatibility: For me, the "Real Names" mod (EDIT: To be fair, together with the "People are Strangers" mod, possibly) insists on renaming Lufani - but none of the others I recruited (the two others from Embershard Mine and Donna and Elle from Knifepoint Ridge). In combination with IAFT, it can result in her having no name and not being able to be talked to. Thankfully it's easily fixable by adding her name to the Real Names' exception list in the configuration. Still took me a while to find out what broke my game.
  3. How adding animations works is known since some two weeks already. That's not the hard part (... as long as you know your way around Blender or Maya). The hard part is making multiple animation mods work together.
  4. Because that's 2^31-1. And also I tried two traits, one with 2147483647 and one with 2147483648, and CK3 "rolled back" the latter to 0. Best check what your trait ends up as in the save game.
  5. If it should be hidden until exposed and have otherwise no effects, you probably want to add it as a variable, not a trait. Like with an on_birth_child event (those expand the default ones) calling something like this: namespace = purity purity.0001 = { hidden = yes immediate = { scope:child = { set_variable = { name = virgin value = 1 } } } } I'm pretty sure you could do something similar for all characters with an on_game_start, but I'm not sure yet how to scope to everyone in such a hidden event.
  6. That's a general issue with many mods which add to the game - sometimes they require that some data is set up on game start, and then you can't add that mod during a running game, or not easily. Sadly there's no documentation yet about workarounds.
  7. You're missing a Debauchery.mod file in the archive. Also, a bunch of files (basically the ones in history and description.mod) are UTF-8 instead of UTF-8-BOM encoding. Debauchery.mod
  8. Well ... turns out my problem was mostly related to special_council_position = yes And also game concepts and a bit of localisation and whatnot. Lots of tiny changes. In any case, the firing and hiring works for me now. Test mod attached. AWarmBed.zip
  9. Can you share what your exact mod looks like then? It's hard to offer suggestions if we don't even know what you already did or tried.
  10. You'll need to create a new council gui window in gui/window_council.gui- see the game files for details. EDIT: Actually, it wasn't that bad. Near the end of that file, in type vbox_council_layout, you need to change maximumsize to be something useful (or just { -1 -1 } for autoscaling), then add a hbox for the new councilor's position. Attached: A micro-mod which shows just that. Just a dummy councilor position therein, no localisation or effects or anything like that - only the barest minimum to make it work. AWarmBed.zip
  11. Wow, is the thread active. Right now it seems to be the second-largest one on that forum behind "Modding quick questions and answers!" (which in its current state should really be renamed to "Modding quick questions and no answers..."). For better or worse, this is something lots of people are passionate about, and I hope Paradox takes notice.
  12. You start in gfx/models/portraits/*_body Create a new "animation" for the rotated position, save it as an anim file, and add it to the asset file. That's about how far I've gotten so far. You can force a character to use a specific animation in the event with something like left_portrait = { character = scope:recipient animation = your_anim }
  13. The two programs we have exporters for right now are Maya (what Paradox uses in-house) and Blender. Of those, Blender is the more affordable for modding teams.
  14. Well, that's where all the attachments and props come in. Which would also work for A/B/O fans, for example.
  15. Gender seems to be a single bit (0 or 1 / false or true) in memory, so changing it to an enumeration field would actually be quite more work for Paradox than just recreating set_gender.
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