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  1. While I know a new save is always recommended. What issues do you think will pop up if I installed this mid playthrough?
  2. So did we ever figured out the issue causing the racemenu option for Lactation being greyed out? I'm asking since I'm currently running into issues with SLIF not playing nice with my breast (It scales properly with my clothes on but disrobing brings disappointment.)
  3. Nice. Though I don't exactly know how to mess with Inflation SLIF so does someone mind if they can walk me through on what to do with these two .json files?
  4. Since it was last mention a long while back. Does TBD work with SLIF yet or nah?
  5. Realized I asked this question on the wrong mod forum so lemme fix that. With the release of a Dummy Thick Flame Atronach mod over on the Nexus. Is it compatible with MNC or should I expect some issues besides the unhealthy amount of hot cake I will be drowning in with the aforementioned mod combo?
  6. Bit curious. With the release of a Dummy Thicc Flame Atronach mod over on the Nexus, would it work with Sexlab or would I expect some issues between the two?
  7. That might be it. One thing I failed to point out is upon startup of a fresh save, there is no notification poping up in the left hand corner claiming the mod is installed UNTILL I re-register it. Then trying to uninstall it actually works which I assume it not normal. Damn, Alt start is too nice to give up, but I'll try to live this issue. Thanks for trying to actually help tho, I get several small problems popping up on my mods which I try to seek help in vain and you are one of the few that tried helping.
  8. So I haven't checked back in a while, but my issue still stands when I attempt your suggestion. What should I do at this point?
  9. So when trying this out. I run into a new problem when my character becomes solid black. I can fix that by reverting the edit but what should I do at this point to solve the underwater issue?
  10. That's a good question. No slider is popping up on Bodyslide labeled Pregnant so I guess no.
  11. So I checked and didn't see any mention of this but is this mod compatible with Atomic Beauty body (I'm assuming no).
  12. How would I be able to tell it's done uninstalling? I select the option and wait a bit, nothing happens, even after exiting the menu. Either way, I selected the option, then saved and quit but upon relaunching the game, I'm stuck with the default spell until I reregister the spells.
  13. That's what I thought. I know on my main save I did use showracemenu command to alter my race into a wood elf before leaving a prison(AlternativeStart Mod) but I just tried it on a fresh wood elf character and still have the default racial power. Edit: Just went through my mod list and couldn't find anything that would mess with racial abilitys as far as I could tell
  14. So I'm curious. Is it possible to get the modified racial power by itself instead of both modded and regular on a Wood Elf?
  15. Got the same issue mention by twillinator1. Any clue on how to fix?
  16. There's also the issue with avain switching from its Harpy skin back to the default avian skin.
  17. Holy hell. Why did the image come out so large?
  18. Can permission be gained through Discord messaging? If so I have permission from the Cutebound author for their mod to be made compatible, or in this case, the Harpy race that comes with it.
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