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  1. Having some trouble porting this over, saved it in the creation kit and it still just CTDs me on load. Does anybody have the file and can share, or maybe has a guide for converting from form 44 to 43?
  2. I reinstalled MME and voila, it worked. I think I just dumped too many mods in one go for that one. Slowed down, did em one at a time for these script-heavier mods, let em settle, put the next one in, rinse, repeat, victory (?).
  3. I think SFO was messing with some other mod and it wasn't telling me that it was overwriting something. The weird bit is that I disabled it and the game was still broken. I actually ended up downgrading the mod to a previous release, and then substituting out the grass from the mod for Verdant's grasses, and everything is working again. Also Milk Mod Economy seemed to be broken, as in the new modding attempt, adding it and then removing it fixed crashes.
  4. Ok so I completely stripped my games of mods and followed the Conglomerate blog thing, and everything was working. So, I started reinstalling texture mods and testing them 1 by 1 to determine what was broken. It was the new version of Skyrim Flora Overhaul. You've got to be shitting me. To not dwell on the bad, at least I had actually configured everything properly on my previous modding attempt! Thanks for all your help! I'll let you know how the rest of the modding goes!
  5. Yeah I think im just gonna call it for this modding run. To uninstall all the mods, i just uninstall everything in the left pane in MO, and then delete all the ENB files and SKSE related things from my skyrim directory right?
  6. Ok, I unchecked XPMSE, went over to MNC to check if I had everything for it (I did), as well as reorganized my LO to what it says on the MNC SLAL page. Still busted.
  7. I removed all the mods that you suggested, still broken. The CBBE physics are all up to date. I have built everything in bodyslide multiple times to make sure.
  8. Here is the FNIS output No warnings from mods besides Slaverun, which says that I don't have devious devices (which I do, but wtf)
  9. Yes, ENBoost is active with all the correct parameters (I believe, still a bit fresh with ENB). As for this, I go test this right now. (EDIT: Yup, still broken)
  10. I'll go test it without the ENB and all texture mods right now. (EDIT: Just tested, still bricked) The errors I would expect to see would be anything that had the red text saying that something wasn't correct in the ini files, for example the one about the speedhack
  11. Yes, as far as I'm aware your recap is correct. I start the game through Mod Organizer 2, through the SKSE button in the dropdown menu. I do wait for all the messages to stop appearing in the upper left before moving around too much. I'll have to test the save/reload cycle.
  12. Yeah, my previous modding session was filled with a whole lotta reading lol. Lets hope someone comes along with that program that can read the error log lol I also forgot to mention that turning off ENB when leaving the building did nothing to fix the crashes.
  13. I'll go change my ENBseries to what it specifically says on the mod page. (It actually says .407 if you scroll a little further down) [EDIT: Still crashes] I'm using HDT Physics Extensions, it just doesn't pop up in the load order I think.
  14. Yes, the game without the mods works just fine. I disabled all weather mods, and texture/grass mods, and it still bugged.
  15. I'm currently running ENB v.459, and all other weather mods (Which was just ELFX - Weathers) has been removed (unless you wanted me to remove ELFX completely as well, but the ENB preset creator says its intended).
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