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  1. Please i searched the entire internet for this for 2 days and i cant find it i found one link and its broken so please does ANYONE have it and can upload its only 20 mb im sure T_T please please or point me to the right direction
  2. THANKS FOR THE GUIDE i was gonna get to that after it but currently this unequip thing is almost like a perk than a bug it gives me a pip boy message saying dont have proficiency and stuff its weird and i was being ok but when i reach the power armor in main story i cant get on it cause not proficient and therefore breaks the game
  3. sadly in the mentioned directory i have only dlclist is there something i should do to generate this loadorder?
  4. I'm trying to fix my fallout mods I have many mistakes but most important is my game doesn't let me use weapons or power armor or some armors basically its like I have a level limit to use weapons and I can only use pipe weapons anything else I try to use I get the message "I am not proficient with this thing and decided to leave it alone." I'm just trying to find out which mod is adding this option so I can go read about it please help. UPDATE: it was Fallout fantasy that did this if anyone else wondered
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