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  1. Thanks for the info nice this is clearly the superior mod for this sort of thing. I will get rid of ONights and save load order slot, do I still need spectator crowds? I think spectator crowds is incompatitble? Also ostim threesome animations npc is just jerking the air (Not working properly? I know the 3p osex animations were glitchy anyway?)
  2. Found bug killed draugr brute and it turns back into a troll (Incompatibiltiy with maximum carnage????)
  3. Thanks for the great mod. I have a few questions. Can I make multiple profiles for certain places for example wilderness or can I get it to do everything I want in one profile? Is it possible to add other factors the mod will consider such as outfit, race, faction (example imp or stormcloak) thanks
  4. Not a beast but could be adapted I guess how about adding cocks to the dawi dwarfs lol they are like warhammer dwarfs or nords, not sure on permissions or skeleton though. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46860 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46489
  5. There was a mod conditional expressions patch for sexlab though I cant find it. Is it still needed, do you know?
  6. Also do I need agressive prostitution if I have legendary version. What even is the aggresive prosittution mod description unclear sorry.
  7. Thanks and thats great to hear this mod has potential. Any chance to patch it for immersive wenches (never used to use it but now they look better with modpocalypse high poly addon for it)
  8. is there a way to make sure characters who's height is 1.21 use the big guy animations?
  9. thanks I tried there fix it doesnt even work or is even setup to install like a proper mod, its instructions are unclear and its really hard to find on LL I only come across it as I was searching for a fix but im pretty sure it either never worked or is outdated, it would be great if it were fixed as there are alot of bodymorph mods these days such as OBody highly recommended, I don't know about all the drama that is a real shame, im just a gamer who wants this feature.
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