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  1. holy, yeah , there are a bunch of failed to load such and such image in it. I have installed some image folders from back further in the thread. Maybe I shouldn't have lol.
  2. awesome ok will do ty. EDIT- Ok it is working now, ty much. Maybe the reinstall cleared out the duplicates or you did something but ty ty.
  3. Ok, I have an issue with captor events firing when I use the notification option. It closes the game and gives these logs. Without the notification option ticked they work as normal. It say in the log xml that the moral ,renown, and all the rest aren't using the ChangeRenown and so on format in some xml, I have checked all of them in the event folder multiple times now using notepad++ and am not finding any of the increase/decrease format anywhere. Is there another xml I should be checking that was added outside of that event folder? Or any ideas why it's doing this? LogXML.txt LogFileFC.txt EDIT- crud sorry I should have looked back a page. I'll try to see if I have duplicate files.
  4. Hey cool, the new 1414 version works for me. So it was mcm stopping me. EDIT- ty ty ty
  5. Darn, I think I needed mcm for something. I'll have to look to find out what and if I can live without it. Ty for the info.
  6. Well I didn't have the split version before today. Works for me so far though it wasn't listed as a beta version I don't think when I downloaded it.
  7. No, the version I have is from 3 days ago. They did put a new one up on the 22nd. Ty ill add it in. EDIT- Just realized that is today they put it up lol.
  8. KK im on for awhile if you want me to use a different version to test.
  9. Kk ty i'm off for a bit now but ty. Sorry about this, i'm probably doing or forgetting something incredibly stupid that i'll kick myself for later.
  10. Well I deleted the documents folder for bannerlord totally when I did the fresh install but I tried just deleting that from inside it. Same issue.
  11. I tried with custom events and without, the dll's are unblocked and have now tried on a fresh game install no save games or anything saved. 1402 still works for me as is after vortex install so i'll use that for a bit unless you have something you want me to try.?
  12. I even duplicated the folders, made them identical in the root folder and the module folder with 1402,1403 and 1413. 1402 still loads the game and my save just not the other 2 options. EDIT- I'm befuddled, I may do a reinstall fresh tomorrow to check it.
  13. Lol I don't know what is going on. 1402 beta works for me if I merge sadsuns captive events folder with yours in modules or if I leave it where vortex puts it in the root folder. Game loads, and my saves. The 1403 and 1413 neither load if I let vortex put them in its spots or if I manually put sadsuns in the module folder thereby merging it with yours. EDIT- Keeps giving me the same message and closing the game during initial startup with either of the 2 new downloads.
  14. I don't know why it's saying that. The events are in there , I made sure theyre where they are when I use 1402, but it's giving me that same message.
  15. Hm, well between 1402 beta and 1413 I noticed that in the games root folder there was another captive events folder that only had SadSuns events in it, and when I went to verify on SadSuns page on whether it should be installed in the module folder or the folder before it I saw they should be in the module so during the install for 1413 I manually installed them into the captive events folder in the module folder. I'll give it another try outside of the module folder where vortex originally put them to see if that made the difference.
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