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  1. RaceMenu for SSE doesn't support its most important feature (most important for me, at least), which is sculpting. Sculpting allowed for the creation of highly detailed character faces, and so forth, whoever used it knows what I am talking about (and I'm sure this is not the type of mod that I need to introduce here). My favorite use of sculpting was that I could create not-perfect looking characters: I could make them asymmetrical (which humans are), for one. My question is, without sculpting, how do you make decent looking characters? As a note, I don't consider Barbie/Ken looki
  2. I'm talking about a modified version of TDF Equipment Restriction, which can be found here. I tried converting it already. Simply converting the .esp to form 44 doesn't cut it, as that resulted in CTD on startup. I extracted the .bsa then, which had a "scripts" folder, and copied it back into the mods folder. Now the mod showed up in game and could even be configured, but its main feature (automatically unequipping a weapon/armor/spell you don't have the required skill for (it recognizes weapons, spells and armor through the keyword system) did not work, and for some reason, the po
  3. Hello. I'm looking for male hair mods that don't look modern, anime, or emo. By "high quality", I mean high poly, 1-2k textures. Obviously I am aware of KS Hairdos and Apachy Hairs, but those fit into one of those three categories. I am also aware of hair mods that are based on vanilla elements, such as Hallgarth's vanilla hair mod, or TD18 Hair mod -- these would be amazing, if they were the quality of KS or Apachy, but they aren't. Are there any hair mods that have hairs for males that can be taken seriously in the setting and story of Skyrim, and are high
  4. I'd really appreciate it if this was available as a replacer as well, maybe for the Ebony Armor set. I particularly like that it's realistic and tries to be historically accurate -- as well as that this is an armor set for both genders (without boobplates even! ?) I wonder if you'd be interested in creating more realistic/practical looking armor replacers for the heavy/heavier armors in the game which still feel somewhat thematic. I'm talking specifically about the Dwarven, Glass, and Dragonbone sets. Perhaps even the Orcish set, and the Blades armor, though those are largely fine
  5. Hello. I'd need a simple script written. In theory, I know how the method should work, but I have no experience modding Skyrim. I think this mod could be made in a few minutes, maybe a few hours. The idea is that I want my character to be unable to loot armors. I don't want this mod to mess with carryweight or the weight of armor sets (like many of these type of mods do), quite simply, I want a script that removes the <last picked up armor piece> from your inventory if the number of armor pieces in your inventory would exceed <given number>. This number, per
  6. I'm not kidding. Ever since I updated my PC to a better one and use 4k skin textures, I get neck seams with every single texture mod I ever tried. Yesterday I wiped entire game off with all mods related to Skyrim, redownloaded and reinstalled everything, and I still have the exact same issue. I'm using Rudy ENB for vanilla, but turning it off doesn't make a difference, so I'm assuming its not related to ENB. I tried a lot of skin textures, all of them had seams, including those that I had no issues with in the past. I tried Mature Skin, SG Skin Renewal, Real Women of Sk
  7. Hello. I'm wondering if these two are compatible. I've been googling for a while to no avail. Also, if they aren't, what does it take to create a patch? Would someone be willing to make one?
  8. I'm sorry, I have a hard time understanding what you've wrote. If you implied that not all textures are made equal, and some lower resolution textures can be better than higher resolution ones, then we are in agreement on that. Things other than resolution are also factors. However, my point was that if you play any decently challenging game (with my definitions that would be Requiem DiD on Skyrim), even on 1080p, you will not notice dramatic difference between 2k and 4k, especially when you're trying to dodge attacks to avoid permanent death... you will have other things to worry
  9. Depends on your priorities. I downgraded from 2k-4k to mostly 2k with 1k on things you won't easily notice anyway. If you want to actually play the game (and by that I mean in a way that actually poses some challenge (Req--khmmm-khmm--uiem), I guarantee that you won't notice a difference between 2k and 4k, at least not on the generic 1920x1080 resolution. Maintaining good FPS worth a thousand times more to your gaming experience than having a few extra details that you will miss anyway if you play the game in any serious manner. The power you spare on the te
  10. Since 2011, I never played even one female character aside from testing things (this also applies to the beast races, although I just really don't care about the beast races, including orcs, but also wood elves). It never even occurred to me that I should play as a female. More often than not, I prefer to play highly religious characters -- be it a daedra or an aedra --, and I don't like stealth gameplay. This leaves me with warriors and mage type of characters. It would feel extremely stupid and out-of-character for me to play a female paladin or any kind of warrior -- this includ
  11. I want to create a simple mod which has a few craftable ingestibles with certain magic effects. It would be some kind of a drug-related ingestible (not skooma), and the general idea behind the magic effect would be that it should give a small amount of magicka regeneration for a long time (because I will have passive magicka regen disabled by another mod). It should have a few tiers, starting from weak to strong; tier 1 would regenerate 0.1 magicka per second for 3600 seconds tier 2 would regenerate 0.2 magicka per second for 3600 seconds tier 3 would reg
  12. Hello. Finally I figured out the variable which has the potential for the greatest improvement on how NPCs look in my game. That would be head meshes. I've never dealt with them, and I don't really know how they work, or necessarily how to install them (other than downloading and activating them in MO2). My initial concern is that they may cause neck seams with skin textures, although I have no experience with this, whether they do or not. Can anyone confirm this? Also, since I use Race Menu and there is a sculpt option, I wouldn't care as much about player-
  13. It looks too vanilla to me. I'm not an expert on beauty mods, but I think(?) it's the vanilla normal maps that I dislike. Problem is, in mods where the normal maps are better, usually the skin (diffuse map?) looks way too artificial, OR it has a very specific texture (like a specific scar or something) that just looks weird and stupid when you apply it to every single NPC and the player (variety is also greatly appreciated, if that's possible to create at all). I have 8 GB of RAM, 4 GB of VRAM (GTX 1050Ti), and an i5-7400. I scaled back the graphic mods as that relates to the envir
  14. Hello. I'm sure there are some people here who know a lot more about beauty mods than I do, so I'm asking you for your recommendations. I'm looking to make my characters, first and foremost, realistic. Not necessarily realistic in the sense of our own world, but "realistic in Skyrim". So, I don't want to turn the males into fresh, clean and young boys, which most of the texture mods seem to do (aside from a few exceptions which are incompatible with SOS). I know of a certain hidden gem, the 40 years old normal map. But sadly that applies that normal map to e
  15. I'd like to make the following mods work together (i.e., without clipping, achieving that without using "disable" commands): The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold Ruins Legendary Mythical Tundra I have no idea how to use the CK, I'm pretty much a complete beginner when it comes to it. Obviously, this is on LE. Help would be highly appreciated.
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