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  1. Well, your house could jump higher than a kangaroo if you lived in a caravan car and you put the pedal to the metal when approaching a slope 🤔
  2. Thanks for the warning! Just in time, I just started a new game using this DMRA mod. I will replace it right away! Another warning. The female dwemer cuirass will crash your game, too, even if others are wearing it. For example, you will find a female NPC wearing this armor in the Ald'ruhn Manor District, at the 7 o'clock door on the upper side, then down some stairs and behind a door. Open the door, and your game crashes with a TES3Stream Warning: Model "Meshes\bam\a_dwemer_cuiras_f.nif" tex not found "tx_steam_centurions_34_glow.dds"! warning. I just uploaded a workaround in the original "What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?" post with a screenshot as proof that it worked 👍 Edit: It seems the daedric boots have two glowing textures references. One is named tx_a_daedric_shoe00_glow.dds. The other one is tx_a_daedric_boot00_glow.dds. The references can be deleted using NifSkope. A easy way to test is, make the female High Elf in Balmora's Mages Guild attack you. She will begin to conjurate some armor, including daedric shoes that made my game crash.
  3. I know I'm late, sorry for the necroposting, but I found a turnaround for that. I just deleted the reference to "tx_steam_centurions_34_glow.dds" using the NifSkope tool (first time I use it, hopefully I didn't break anything else) I will attach here what I did, the results and the fixed file. As you can see, her chest part is glowing with 'TX_A_Dwemer_shieldcenter_glow2', which is correct. I suppose 'tx_steam_centurions_34_glow.dds' was supposed to cause another part of the armor to glow but I guess that part will be out of batteries now. a_dwemer_cuiras_f.nif
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