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  1. abandoned I guess.. bye guys
  2. @Chino Chan go to \Data\Meshes\Putra\Apex Senior folder put it there.. overwrite
  3. @Chino Chan https://www.loverslab.com/topic/55715-unpb-tv/?do=findComment&comment=1714582
  4. @hp4068 Will you stop doing this kind of shitty job of yours?? http://kp4068.tistory.com/2210?category=584229 what is this.. you even cut the watermark on my pics, what does that mean? what is your plan? really? yeah its not somewhat biggest armor pack and doesn't looks nice at all but do you really have a brain?
  5. hmm.. I dont know what was causing it but everthing looks normal in Blender also ingame
  6. no need to learn all the function.. simply import >copy bone weight >export
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