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  1. Are there any plans for location specific dialogue? Like the pred mentioning you're being unborn or being turned into cum/milk instead of always defaulting to scat?
  2. So this version works without needing any other mods or not? What do I need?
  3. Do I have to install SexLab tools or is it just recommended?
  4. Is there a mod that combines devourment ref with SexLab animations? like, vore animations or being vored after an animation?
  5. I mean the furnitures. I want to manually get my PC in them and have an NPC torture them. I want to have at least a bit of control over what scene plays for how long.
  6. I've installed Laura's shop because it seemed like it allowed for quick access to it, but no. I've heard Shout like a virgin uses some, but the whole mod is too convoluted for me, even with skipping the intro, there's just too much stuff going on. So are there any mods that have easy, fast access (like a room with all of them ready for example) to the furniture in DD5? And any guides on how to get to them (even as mandatory as: Go to Whiterun and enter building xy)?
  7. I found one for Legendary edition, but it doesn't work for the Special Edition.
  8. Is there a way to give every npc the vorish keyword? If there is, please answer in great detail cause I'm an idiot. Simply saying "you need this program and set that in it" won't work. I need to know how I can "set that" in the program.
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