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  1. umm I know of how most reptile gentailia works. But there is a number of other things in the game that arent of that species. I do know that arousal in skyrim is done pretty simply with framework mod so it is possible do that same with dinos and such in ark.
  2. HELP! I got more critters as well as defeated and followed the inscruction on the page for getting the animations to work. However only about half of the monsters and critters seem to function when they try to do animations. They just stand next to each other playing out the sounds until it ends
  3. Hello, Knowing Skyrim and other modders out there. I was playing Ark alot and getting tired of always looking at naked Dinos running around that look like they belong to Disney. Point is: Is there a Mod out there that puts back the wild bits to the wildlife??
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