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  1. I'm trying to find a hide armor that uses the male model refit to female and altered to only cover one breast . I believe the mod originally had either the beggar or prisoner clothes under it, and it was probably CBBE, though I changed it to UUNP for my game. - The armor in the image is a mash-up from several different authors, all I need is the top. My old computer and drives got unsalvagably smoked and I can no longer find what mod I got it from.
  2. OMG, I completely forgot about Connery's Zardoz... The 70's sci-fi movies were sooo horrendously bad. --- At least he made up for it in the 80's with Outland.
  3. Has the latest version of Bodyslide's OutfitStudio deleted the ability to zoom to a specific area on a body, or am I missing something obvious? I stopped playing Skyrim for about a year and had to get a new computer, losing all the old files I had. Downloading the latest version of Bodyslide, a few things have changed from what I was used to. I used to be able to zoom to a specific body part, such as the boots, to move a few verts around to better align with with the feet. Now it seems as there is a central pivot point located around where the core of the body is, and I am unable to adjust the zooms central area so I can work on the feet even if I am just loading the feet and not the body. I haven't been able to find anything in the tutorials that addresses this issue... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm having ZERO luck with the searches... After having to replace my computer and external drives I'm trying to reacquire all the items I've downloaded over the years. I'm trying to find a mod that was uploaded here several years ago than humanized the Argonians and Khajiit races and that had a vanilla pointed teeth texture replacer for them. Not fangs, teeth that look like they've been filled to points. (Like shark teeth.) I vaguely recall that it was from a prominent uploader who has since left LL and that at the time it was still a WIP though he uploaded several files of his work, mostly for the female Khajiit... Or if you have and are willing to upload a teeth texture that does this that is what I am really looking for.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of the toy 039 Magazine. I originally uploaded this to the Garden but with it down... Added an optional different look. Just drop the Custom.03.R9AddOnToy039 folder into your Addons folder unless you want the optional look then drop that into the Images folder into the Custom.03.R9AddOnToy039 folder first...
  6. You must be using a different version than me. My first reads as: [pass] name = CustomCum2 stage2 = _hook5data\sperm\sperm00_N.dds stage3 = _hook5data\sperm\S2.dds stage4 = cull_mode = -1 The 'name' apparently does not matter, as long as the _pass name is the same as the .png and .txf --- I'm having no issues. All of your main .png textures are loose, and not in a sub folder? I've found out a LOT of overlays won't read in a sub-folder. I assume your .txf are set to "RGBA_8888" "AlphaBlend", anything else will give you issues with semi-transparent textures.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I would occasionally get which side I was working on confused when spinning around a model during pose edit. This simply replaces the games pededit image with a new one, in better resolution, that adds the wording left and right to the image to alleviate that problem. It's set up to replace the image directly in the Archives folder if you're uncomfortable with editing archive files you'll have to make your own folder system to add it to the Addons folder.
  8. I've got Godsmack's Whatever running through my mind every time my boss opens her mouth... ...which lately, has been ALL the time.
  9. Just a thought... I don't know, if the networks, bloated corporate pigs that they are, banned negative political ads you'd rarely see more than one political ad a day, very few of them can say anything positive about themselves. Maybe if they charged double for negative ads, they'd still make money and we'd have to listen to fewer of them.
  10. Just watched my neighbor washing her car, managed to kink the hose and turned it into her face to look for the problem when it unkinked. Ahh... It's little things in life that make it so much more pleasant.
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