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  1. Version 1.7.2B


    There are more than what is shown in the images. LL has a 20 image limit per post. ADVERTISING ALTERED v1.7.2B Changes various Cyberpunk 2077 ads to be a bit sexier. --- The files have been separated, for the most part, into individual ad replacement archives because it was getting to a point where textures were starting to screw up when repacking them back into an all in one archive with the Wolvenkit or CP77 tools. I have every one installed at the same time and the only issue I have is some of the book & magazine re-textures occasionally revert back to the vanilla. (I haven't been able to pin down the cause.) Numbers represent the 106+ different billboard ads that are used in-game. Gaps in the number sequence are ads that I have not changed. Images adjusted to work with CDPR's 1.3.1 update. 001 Abydos --- Changed center character from overweight male to slim female. 003 All World Insurance --- Changed 2 of 3 ads (Radiation = 3 breasts) - (Malpractice = Lopsided beasts). 005 All Foods Meat --- Removed wriggling worms from image. 010 Avante --- Brightened dress colors on ad 1, changed male to female on ad 2. 011 Biotechnica --- Added female headshot over nature scene. 012 Blastdance --- Changed images to be more sex related. 013 Body Implants --- Changed ripped faces for skin tearing female cyborg. 015 Bottoms Up --- Changed gap toothed male head to orgasmic female head. 016 Broseph --- Changed overweight male to slim female in same position. 020 Caliente --- Changed overweight male to slim female. 021 Champaradise --- Changed brass colored female to gold colored. 022 Cheap as Chips --- Changed to posing inhanced female. 023 Chromanticore --- Changed shemale to a hermaphrodite. Advertisements and vending machines. IN SEPARATE FOLDER ZIP ONLY --- 023 Chromanticore - FEMALE --- Changed shemale to a female Advertisements and vending machines. 025 Combat Cab --- Changed male road warrior to female. 026 Combat Cab 2 --- Changed female and baby ad to another female. 027 Darra --- Changed male holding gun to female holding gun in same basic position. 030 Dynalar --- Changed part of image from nude male to nude female 031 Eji --- Changed male looking at clothes to nude female looking. 033 Fallbacks per District - Arasakawf --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Badlands --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Charter Hill --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Glenn --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Japan Town --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Kabuki --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Little China --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - North Industrial --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - North Oak --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Pacifica --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Rancho --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Santo Domingo --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Vista Del Ray --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 033 Fallbacks per District - Wellspring --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. 035 Foreign Body --- Changed male to female. Changed dagger to dildo. 037 Fuyutsuki Boombox --- Changed 2 of the 4 males to females. 038 Giovanni Brizzi --- Changed alien head to female head. 039 Gomorrah --- Changed models to flesh toned in same positions. IN SEPARATE FOLDER ZIP ONLY --- 039 Gomorrah - NO SNAKES --- Changed models to flesh toned in same positions, removed shakes. 040 Got Chrome --- Changed to sitting android. 044 Jinguji Twerk --- Changed male silhouette to female. 046 Jinguji --- Changed one of the males to female. 048 Kangtoo --- Changed spandex pants to skin on female. 049 Khalil --- Changed the homosexual males kissing to lesbian females kissing. 050 Kiroshi --- Changed to sexy female headshot and city overview ad 1. Changed to a different sexy female headshot ad 2. 051 KT Henry --- Changed to female perfume, changed males to females, changed wording. 052 Lizzies --- Changed male surrounded by females to 3 female group. 056 Milfguard --- Increased milfs breasts several sizes. 057 Militech --- Added female warrior to foreground. 060 Mr Stud --- Changed image from male to explicit female/female. (PORN) Changed Mr. to Mrs. on logo. 062 MrStud --- Changed image from male/female to explicit female/female. (PORN) Changed Mr. to Mrs. on logo. 063 Naranjita --- Changed female from green to flesh toned. 066 Nicola --- Removed jacket from all images, changed to nude. Advertisements and vending machines. 077 Real Water --- Changed homeless male to sexy female. 082 Sasha Devon --- Changed tongues' from chrome to flesh colored. 083 Schade Zeig Dich --- Changed 2 submissive males to 2 submissive females - Changed German wording 'schade' to English 'submit'. 086 Sojasil Machistador --- Changed exploding head to orgasmic female head. Advertisements and vending machines. 087 Somalia --- Changed female to nude, removed fat tourists in background. 092 Sudo --- Changed car and woman dress from red to pink. 093 Tampons --- Changed both images to females - changed wording on bottom of images. 095 Televangelist --- Changed male to 2 females - changed wording. 098 Thrud --- Changed to female weightlifter. 103 Us Cracks 2 --- Changed artistic head-shots of 3 females to sexier realistic body-shots. 105 Watson Whore --- Changed male prostitute to female. 106 Wet Dream --- Changed sleeping male to sleeping female. Books, Magazines, Newspapers --- Changed various images. (Some parts only work occasionally, not sure why) Geisha Building Ad --- Changed from head-shot image to upper body geisha samurai image. Miscellaneous --- Changed the sinnerman quest ads to various Kiroshi ads. Miscellaneous small edits to other ads. (Only work occasionally, not sure why) Posters --- Changed several posters to female and/or sexier. (Some parts only work occasionally, not sure why) Skyline Holograms --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. Stickers --- Changed the majority of the stickers so there are less repeats. Various Ads --- Changed some ads to be same as others of same branding. Vector Boards --- Changed b/w greyscale images to be sexier. (These show up variously RGB colored in-game). V's Vend --- Changed look of V's vending machine. Advertising Altered - separate ads --- Information for a more seamless integration. Some advertisements should go together because the same images are grouped together in the fallbacks per district, skyline hologram, & various archives. If you don't, the other mod or vanilla images will be used instead. The numbers represent the specific archive that uses the same type of image. Fallbacks per district - Arasakawf ------------ 021, 022, 060 & 092 Fallbacks per district - Badlands ------------- 005, 020, & 027 Fallbacks per district - Charter Hill ----------- 030, 031, 040, 050, 057, 063, 066, 086, & 103 Fallbacks per district - Glen ------------------ 037, 048, 077, & 087 Fallbacks per district - Japan Town ---------- 021, & 035 Fallbacks per district - Kabuki ---------------- 027, 048, & 103 Fallbacks per district - Little China ----------- 003, 020, 022, 023, 063, & 056 Fallbacks per district - North Industrial ------ 003, & 012 Fallbacks per district - North Oak ------------ 010, 011, 038 & 050 Fallbacks per district - Pacifica ---------------- 020, 066, & 098 Fallbacks per district - Rancho ---------------- 005 & 077 Fallbacks per district - Santo Domingo ------- 003, 026, 048, & 095 Fallbacks per district - Vista Del Ray ---------- 012, 035, 037, & 087 Fallbacks per district - Wellspring ------------- 020, 031, 038, 057, 060, & 095 Skyline Holograms ----------------------------- 001, 020, 023, 030, 038, 056, 066, 083, & 086 Various Ads ------------------------------------- 012, 030, 066, & 083 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These images, though saved correctly, will still not show up in-game. --- If you figure out how to make them appear, please inform me on how you accomplished it. base\environment\decoration\misc\paper\textures\book_01_d, book_03_d, magazine_01_d, magazine_03_d base\environment\decoration\advertising\posters\textures\poster_gym_d base\environment\decoration\unique\quest\textures\sq023 --- all textures in sq023 folder. This will probably be the last update unless I get a request...
  2. Most of my ad replacements are variations of the vanilla ads. Still trying to get the perspective right...
  3. Hey . . . I've been trying to look around your club, but I can't get past the rules.  I've clicked Accept a half-dozen times, and all it get is a refresh of the rules asking me to Cancel / Accept.  Have I been presorted before even walking in the door??  🙄





  4. Discord is possibly the worst run site on the net. It seems to be geared for, and mostly used by slightly retarded hyperactive 12 year olds. Every time I make the mistake of logging on there, I realize I've just wasted my time trying to get any usable information...
  5. I'm trying to change the kiroshi, mr_stud, and a couple of other ads and am having an issue with the images header information changing. Other ads I've altered save correctly and have no issues. I'm using the latest version of paint.net and saving the images as BC3 (sRGB 10+) perceptual with NO mip maps, which is the correct format for those images, but when the files save the images header changes. I'm using a program called 'DDSChecker WV-master' to look at the images header information of both the vanilla original and my altered copy side by side to look for problems and in the copys header the dwMipMapCount changes from 0x00000001-0 to 0x00000001-1 and the format changes from DXGI_FORMAT_BC3_UNORM to DXGI_FORMAT_BC3_UNORM_SRGB, all other lines are correct. I've tried the free version of Gimp and the paid version of Photoshop 2021 and have the same issue with the header, I'm at a loss as to what the issue is and why it affects only those files.
    Separate files are now available for Advertising Altered v1.7.2, updated for CDPR's v1.3.1... Not thoroughly tested, so if you come across any errors message me and I'll fix the issue.
  6. Could someone who has knowledge of how the games camera functions please inform me as to what the issue is? I'm stumped as to how to correct this. IMAGES SHOWING PROBLEM The characters showed up fine when I originally made camera text, now only their shadows and occasionally their hair shows in the proper area and the character is mirrored and offset from where they actually are, the rest of the room in the cameras view shows fine. Not that it should make a difference, but I'm using VX version p and Hook5 $.
  7. A version can be found here... SPIDERWOMAN
  8. Have you tried the KE exclusive body Xbody female? It has a plethora of options, even if it isn't it, you can make one that look's exactly like it. I've found unless you go to obscene extremes, most clothing will conform to the body.
  9. Sorry, no you could try asking in the request section for someone to upload them.
  10. I've compiled a numbered list of rooms that I've found and/or downloaded at one point or another, from several sources. I actually only have about 1/5th of the rooms listed. With the VX Room Creator Hook 5 program, I'm sure there are probably hundreds more I haven't found yet...
  11. Just curious if someone has compiled and made available a room list of all the current rooms have been made for tk17. None of the 'keyword' searches I've done have come up with anything relevant. Trying to sort all of my various external drives files to be a bit more user friendly, I've found quite a few rooms, or parts of rooms, I've downloaded over the years up to room 469, I'm sure the number is far larger now. Some missing textures, some meshes, with a lot of gaps in-between. I'm assuming that there is someone in charge of issuing numbers to modders who wish to upload a new model, though I don't know who.
  12. Too late... Rather than give factual news, I figure conservatively, about 90% of the 'free press', no matter what format, is a mouthpiece for one faction or another, hyping their agenda and belittling their rivals. The television versions of the news are more like 'reality TV', not even being in the same universe as reality, and even less entertaining.
  13. I got bored with Cyberpunk 2077 and decided to try and make a cyberpunk(ish) sex bot scene for a room I'm working on... OTHER IMAGES
  14. W.I.P. of a object room Cyberpunk bedroom, was originally a DAZ file. Having issues with the NPC's not appearing in the right location when seen through the cameras linked to the rooms TV... More images...
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