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  1. First what version are you running are you running the beta version of SexLab Survival 0.662 or later which has the fixed licenses? If so you need to type the following into the console:- setpqv _DFLicenses FixedSLS 1 Check if the SexLab Survival integration is found and active. If it is active you can ask about them managing the SLS licenses for you which will kick it off. Though make sure as part of the mod installation you have DFC's SEQ file install in the "Data\SEQ" folder.
  2. @TrollAutokill Oh by the way via a soft-dependency and mod event it is possible to re-assign an NPC's home with Extensible Follower Framework (if said character is a follower or potential follower). Not many know this I discovered it when looking the source code, of the mod one day. May not know Papyrus but it was better documented so I quickly understood its code, via the comments the one for the home re-assignment while follower stood out. Individuals who aren't will not be affected by this as they won't be covered by EFF.
  3. @TrollAutokill May I suggest when packaging, placing the LE seq file with the LE plugin and the SE seq file with the appropriate plugin. As the way it is packaged currently you have the SEQ file for se with both in "MAIN\DEFAULT_FILES\SEQ" so it installs the same file for both. So people may get the wrong seq file, to the one required and run into the trouble with the dialogue bug made infamous years past. If you can do this please moving forward it would be much appreciated and will likely save, you trouble from people wondering why their dialog doesn't appear when in convo with NPCs? Unless of course your planning to have both get the same version number at roughly the same time. Keep up the good work!
  4. No they buy the licenses for you and add it the PC's own debt to the follower! But add the appropriate ones to your inventory, for your character to be responsible for!
  5. Is it for version 2.1.2 please? If it is great!! Thanks for that.
  6. @TrollAutokill What happens when you enslave with Paradise Halls - Diary Of Mine through HSH and PaHE respawning NPCs specifically, involving their personality and how they are trained please? In other words does it generate this randomly for these respawning NPCs so this mod can still do its work? Also are you open to people sharing the personality files for other potential slaves, for DOM to use? If not will they be added?
  7. @HexBolt8 I think one of the calls to Simple Slavery++ is dropping the victim for enslavement (Player Character) outside of the jail cell area, before the auction has even occurred with a winning bid. Specifically it possibly can be from either Devious Followers - Continued or SexLab Survival. The reason I noticed it is the call came following a female player character passed out, with SexLab Survival installed and active. This was as a result of getting too cold in Frostfall 3 then the character woke up in Simple Slavery++ however they weren't in the jail cell, with the other soon to be slaves. As a result of not being in the cell the rest of the parts to stages, including the dialog convo (from the jail) before the auction scene don't occur. Thus the rest doesn't occur either including the new enslavement due to the misplacement. It also happens with other SexLab Survival calls to Simple Slavery++ such as the one via Simply Knock.
  8. SKSE is involved in the requirements (dependencies), but no SKSE dll plugin present though it's influence may be not obvious. With no mention of GetWeight and GetGoldValue it looks like it doesn't. But it get's item name and type from items. However it's recommended to use CACO with it just like Living Takes Time and Time Passes.
  9. Well take a look then see if you can figure it out as there's really in this refactored code that DF_XYZ wrote on Nexus Mods not much if any comments documenting what each section does. All you have is the variables, and each individual command, property, procedure and function call. So you would need to look up or know cold ("exceptionally") well the CK and Papyrus. If someone doesn't comment content (code) and doesn't know Time Flies like its author, then no one can know quickly and/or easily what it does. I have tried to read and figure it out but with very little if any docs makes this hard going. The code DF_XYZ wrote can go in for the award of how to make what you create, difficult to understand so if it doesn't mention its workings on for sure that it takes value (cost) and weight into account. The only option is to look at the code and open the plugin up in CK or xEdit. Though it make just randomise the time taken, though on a scripting level. Time Flies is a modified version of Living Takes Time so if that one does then this one may too, but Time Flies is a modification of it so can be an unknown. I really don't like it when code has very little commenting (documentation), or reference you can of course endeavour to work it out but, no documentation and not being the person or people who wrote it doesn't aid in figuring it out.
  10. I have been looking at the source code and don't know whether it takes item value into account, and weight but the way the description is written may seem like it is. Would probably need to open it up in an editor to see, as the source code doesn't really tell you much.
  11. @Monoman1 What features are you talking about specifically as it may have been changed with Time Flies? Also with Time Flies it interfaces with several other mods including Campfire and iNeed amongst others that are more compatible with those mods. In addition it also handles crafting differently through removing the expertise being the only factor in reducing how long crafting takes. Specifically it has it being more variable so some times make take longer than another by a random amount. Crafting takes time has been improved at least by separating Clothes and Armor into the own separate options. There's lots of the refinements and improvements mentioned on the Time Flies file page. Oh and if you have FISS installed all settings can be imported/exported at will.
  12. @Monoman1 Another time taking lengthening modification is one you haven't considered is "Time Flies" (Time Flies at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)). Cooking pot in Time Flies is its way of referring to cooking food, though it covers other activities from download. But also with the most recent released version introduced the possibility, to allow it support other activities from external mods.
  13. Also I have been recently using DXVK (FNVulkan - Performance Boost using DXVK at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community (nexusmods.com) and https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk) with my Skyrim (LE) but also have Skyrim SE (though not installed at the moment) and have to wait until everything's stabilised (again on SE to AE front). However this DVXK mod which changes the games rendering for graphics has really boosted the game's performance and stability no end. It may worth checking and/or researching what DirectX version is used by Skyrim SE and see if the mod supports SE, because if it is DirectX 9 and the mod support Skyrim SE. You can really get a boost in performance depending on the system hardware. So once you upgrade the graphics card or maybe before doing so it is possible, to when compatible to see a better performance in the game. You can still use ENBs with this mod but it does require some further tweaks in order to do so when using an ENB.
  14. Also check out the Werewolf mod Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul (Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)), as one of the preceding mods by the same individual, was featured in at least one PC Gaming publication or was well publicised at the time generally. Another thing about the weather mods, Cathedral Weathers is the most lightweight of the dynamic seasons weather mods and Vivid Weathers of the fixed season weather mods (which is still available).
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