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  1. I'm experiencing issues with my game (LE) and I suspect AYGAS to be the culprit. I'd like to know if anyone else ever seen this behavior with AYGAS. So Whiterun is slowly turning into a slave den. Sold several slaves to the people over there. However whenever I leave a house/store/tavern and return to the streets of whiterun the game freezes most of the time. Reloading the autosave it makes upon transition has the same issue. I pinpointed that it's ONLY whiterun that experiences this problem. In all the other walled cities (where there is no slavery at all) I can enter
  2. The T&A download appears to be broken. Downloaded all parts but extracting them together gives an error (7zip)
  3. Could indeed be RDO, I am using 2.0 . I use it as a dependency of Sexy Bandit Captives. That one actually seems to be the main cause of the problem (at least for me) The slaves that gave the issue are all bandits. It apears SBC still threats the pahe enslaved bandits still as regular bandits. Workaround: don't bring enslaved bandits along to a bandit camp that still has prisoners,
  4. Found the culprit! More nasty Critters; I was still using the ancient (Non SLAL) version. Trying the SLAL version now, see if it works.
  5. Yea but my character is still asking my horse to "follow me for sex" every time I try to climb on it's back. I was more referring to that. It's kind of annoying.
  6. Is there a way to disable the option to incorporate animals?
  7. Same Issue here. Upgraded all pahe dependencies for good measure but issue persists.
  8. I now run the 0.3 version of your mod from Patreon. Don't know if you did anything in the new release to mitigate the above mentioned issue but it still persists. And the more I tinker with it the more I get the feeling that the script that runs this radiant quest is overly complicated. You got the popup whenever you enter the lobby asking you if you want to get a job, there is talking to the clients yourself and then there is asking Amelie for a quest. The popup I'm not sure it does anything. Talking yourself with the clients doesn't do a thing if you don't talk to amilie first. A
  9. So I go to an Inn to start the quest. I then go to the Night Mistress mansion. Talk to some people and get Hired (Apprentice). Head to Falkreath and dump all the posters with the billposter over there. I go back to the mansion introduce the girl outside to Axia and then... nothing. I ask Amelie to trigger an event; nothing happens. I try talking with the clients in the main hall; most decline. The few that do accept my services trigger a quest that's immediately completed (but doesn't show up in my quest log as either an active or completed quest). The pop up that shows up when yo
  10. That animation from Gif 1 what's it from? It's not Leito Missionary 3 is it? It looks very passionate.
  11. I'm running into an issue: when I play as male and I use the create token spell on a dead body no animations start. It works on a 'clutter' corpse (those corpses laying around excitingly named "nord" and "Khajit" etc...), my guess is that it's because those actor's arn't considered dead by Sexlab; it's own debug spells also work on these corpses. Most of the time your spell doesn't work on an actor I killed (like a bandit). Judging from the console output, your mod does what it's suppose to do, but sexlab doesn't seem to allow an animation to start with a dead actor.
  12. I'm currently at the "Recruiting and advertising" quest. How many clients do I need to serve before the quest continues? And why does it keep sending me to the exact same npc I just served every single time? Also how doe the different roles of prostitute affect this mod?
  13. I know it's been a while and I'm sorry if it's been asked before, but what's that hairstyle you used for Vela (because it looks amazing)? Is it one of Apache's and if so what number?
  14. Yea got the same issue as people mentioned before: the clients are particularly UNinterested in sex... especially when you're considering the fact that they're visitors to a brothel... You'll have to explain that to me
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