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  1. Update: I went back a few more saves, tried disabling iNeed, played around, saved, moved a few cells, etc. That seems to have once again solved the issue. I managed to play through the entire quest of LotD, save, shut down, reload and save again. So it seems that iNeed keeps being the problem. I'm going to keep it disabled for now. It's a pity but better that than these issues once in a while. I also left the feedback on the iNeed forum on Nexus.
  2. Hi guys, I've run into an issue I've had a while ago (see link below). My game has CTDs upon trying to save. I'm running SSE, without any Loverslab mods, but with around 30-50 other mods, all technically more 'common' and without too many issues (standalone, I know what a hot mess Skyrim's build and integration of mods can be). - I'm running into CTDs if I reload the game and then try to save after starting the Night at the Museum quest, from the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod. I've so far experienced the same behaviour during 2 different 'run throughs' of the quest. - First time it happened, I had completed the quest and had saved it during the quest multiple times without any issue. I had shut down the game, and reloaded it the day after. Upon my first save after reloading the last save (which was made after the quest had completed), I would get CTDs each and every time I tried. I then proceeded to reload earlier saves and tried saving, until I found a save that wouldn't lead to CTDs. The one I found was the save right before talking to Brother Inkard outside the museum at night, which starts that particular quest. - So I made a clean save at that point again, which worked. I stopped the game, reloaded it, reloaded that last clean save, and it still worked. So I let it be, thinking I could redo the quest and continue. - Today I decided to play though the entire quest again to get back to where I was. I started the game and loaded my last save, I played the quest, saved multiple times throughout, without a single issue. Then I finished the quest, made a save, and closed down the game. I reloaded the game, reloaded that last save, went into a different cell, tried saving, and voilà, CTD once again. I'm not saying that the mod LotD is necessarily to blame, as it's not really referenced in the important parts of the crash logs either from what I can tell. And the mod's staff has said as much in their Nexus forum. But the fact the issue appeared twice after going through that particular quest might mean something. I've added a few of the last crash logs here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmdcVMRF6lRFhcYToo2UZ0m_VoBUMA?e=C7P0Ec. As I've had a similar issue before with iNeed in this mod loadout, I tried the solution that worked back then (see link below), which was disabling iNeed, saving, reloading, enabling again, etc. That worked back then but not this time, making me think it might not be iNeed that is causing the issue this time around. If anyone has any suggestions of what the cause could be and how to circumvent it, I'm all ears. My skill in understanding crash logs is limited, but I've had multiple great encounters here with knowledgeable people so I'm reaching out again in the hope we can find the cause/solution. Thanks for your help. Here's the thread from the last time I had the issue; the cause (and solution) seems to be different, but just for completeness:
  3. I had read through that github list of suggestions. I admit I'm a bit weary of deleting id's from the save file, since I don't understand what exactly it does and how it might (negatively) effect the integrity of the file. But if the error returns, I might have no other option than to try it. For now I've tried disabling iNeed in the MCM menu. I verified that this worked; I had some diseases that were affecting me (might have contributed to the save CTD as well?). Once I disabled iNeed, those were gone. Weirdly enough I did still have the statuses of 'well sated, well hydrated, well rested'. I thought only iNeed added those. I did some fast travelling, which normally would impact the passing of time and hence the degeneration of those statuses, but they seemed to be stable. Probably a relic of iNeed in the save/scripts, without it actively changing? Either way, I played around a bit with iNeed off, I made a save and had no issue. Then I re-enabled iNeed, played a bit, loaded a new cell or two, fast travelled and made a save. No issue. I then 'waited' in game, so that I could test whether or not the statuses degenerated, and they did; I became hungry etc. and my food got stale. I saved again in a new file, without issue. I then shut down the game, restarted it, opened the last save and made a new save: also without CTD (this is the point where even if 'fixed' like with the player.kill command the bug would return, when restarting Skyrim entirely). So for now it seems just disabling and re-enabling iNeed might have done the trick? Question will be for how long; I'll try playing again tomorrow and the coming days to see how it advances. Should it reappear I'll report here and try deleting the troublesome ID (if anyone could explain to me what exactly that does and how it impacts the save/scripts running, that would be helpful - will the game just recreate those IDs, will it be potentially missing a vital part causing more crashes in the future, ...). PS: I had also found this about CTDs on save and iNeed: I've tried it (before I tried any of the above) by removing my old saves and renaming the last good save to number 22. But it didn't work, CTDs were still there. UPDATE: seems what I did is indeed one of the suggested fixes in the iNeed Nexus Forum posts as well: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19390?tab=posts&BH=0 I've also seen that 'snquestscript' mentioned that Alex highlighted above; there is a potential fix that's still being tested. I could manually integrate it but since it's still 'experimental' and currently my game works, I'll refrain from doing so. I'll keep an eye on the Nexus for if and when iNeed gets updated to include the fix, if it turns out to be the right one. Fingers crossed I just won't have any issues anymore for a good while. Either way a big thank you to everybody for pitching in and helping me find solutions. Let's hope you won't hear from me again about this issue.
  4. Right... @-Caden- sadly the solution was short lived. I had closed Skyrim, and reopened it now via MO2 and SKSE. Loaded the newly made save that I had created by trying the player.kill workaround. Waited 30s, tried saving. Got an instant CTC.... so while the player.kill might perhaps temporarily fix smth while Skyrim runs, it isn't a stable/permanent solution. I guess @alex77r4 was onto something. I tried your suggestion Alex, and I could load the game without issue, no warnings from missing data with the SKSE co-save file gone. But saving in game still gives the same instant CTD. So not sure what to think of that, since Fallrim tools found no errors. I've uploaded the save here, as I don't know much about the cleaner tools, perhaps I did something wrong while trying to find the issues. Save257_9E5EB527_0_457272616E646972_Tamriel_010240_20210829213221_25_1.ess Save257_9E5EB527_0_457272616E646972_Tamriel_010240_20210829213221_25_1.skse
  5. ... I'm... not sure what to say to that 😄. iNeed does indeed make food spoil, but not drinks like beer. I might have had some spoiled food in my pack, but not sure if that's what you mean and how that would cause a crash, or if you're just joking.
  6. I actually read about that yesterday, and tried it, but sadly it didn't help. I did however just delete all the tmp files (only discovered today they were in the save folder) and retried that solution, just in case. I took the save before the first .tmp files, so that none of the later ones (that I tested with yesterday, when saving would work for like 1 save and then crash again) could affect my game. And strangely enough this time it worked. At least for now. I've made 2 saves, went from the Rift to the Dawnguard area (loading it for the first time), saved again... so far so good. Guess I better play through it a while and see if it holds.
  7. Yeah, I'm aware of the risks. It's why I took my time working out my desired mod list before starting a new game. My goal is to not install any new mods during the save, I normally have everything I need to enjoy this play through for a good while. At most it might be some mod that adds some user friendliness without actual scripts or items being added in-game. But even then I'd be weary and research it properly, I really don't want to mess up a save after so many hours invested in it. Seems that somehow... I did though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you guys find the cure to my problems and that it isn't save related. Having to start over would be... prohibitive, especially if we're not sure what causes it, because it might cause it on the next play through then.
  8. Yeah, I tried it, because it was easy enough to give it a shot. I set that setting to 'true' in the EngineFixes toml file, but sadly no luck, crashes still happen on save :-(.
  9. Those three are actually compatible with each other, even without a patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7900 + http://skyrimsurvival.com/home/frostfall/frostfall-compatibility/ Even so, I have a batched patch that should cover any conflicts these mods have with each other. But since they're well known and established, their mod authors made sure they work well together, they are very complementary.
  10. I installed and ran Fallrim Tools. But it seems my saves are... virginal when it comes to issues it can clean? I loaded a recent save and selected 'show unattached instances; show undefined elements; show formlists containing nullreffs'. But there's nothing that pops up: The only thing that shows items it can clean, is the 'non-existent form instances'. Of that it has 378 items it can clean up. But I don't know enough of the cleaning process to know if it's safe, some mods might actually make use of those the program warns.
  11. The only ones that I know of that change things with Alchemy are Hunterborn, iNeed and Frostfall perhaps as well (not sure if they only change food or also actual alchemy ingredients). All pretty known/stable/std mods afaik.
  12. I can give that a shot, but I'm still far from the 64 MB (unless because of compression what my save file shows isn't the actual size?):
  13. Apparently it points to... vanilla plants and ingredients? I've got no clue what to think of that.
  14. Hi, After my initial issues getting my modded setup to run, I've been playing around 50h without any issues. I've not added any mods since the start, so my current issues are (hopefully) not from new conflicts. Before starting this save I also made a batched patch, and afaik all mods work together without conflicts. Yesterday I started running into issues when saving. So far I've saved manually a lot of times (numbering is up to about 250). Autosave is disabled (except once every half hour in menu), since I know autosave and quicksave quick give issues with so many mods. So I only save manually. I first thought that it was because of having summoned Fenrir the Fire Wolf (from the similarly named mod). I reverted back to previous saves before that time, and last night I thought it worked well that way, so I just resigned myself to never use Fenrir in-game. But today when I tried playing, the same thing happens. I play for a few minutes, I go to the menu, create a new save, and it CTDs before actually saving the save file. I've tried reading the Netscript logs, but I'm unsure of what is causing the issue. The script keeps referring to some levelled lists in the Dragonborn.esm. Any help/ideas in figuring this out would be appreciated. Before calling this save lost I'd like to see if there's anything that can be done to recover it. I'm not sure if starting to disable mods to see if there's a difference is a good idea, since some mods have started by putting items and such in the world, and might be referenced in the batched patch etc. I've added a few of the crash logs my CTDs have generated, as well as the txt files in my profile folder. @alex77r4 I hope you don't mind me pinging you, but since you've managed to help me a lot before, I'm hoping you have some ideas of what is wrong this time too. Crash_2021_8_30_16-36-32.txt Crash_2021_8_30_21-45-21.txt Crash_2021_8_30_22-12-13.txt Crash_2021_8_31_18-53-15.txt Profile-txts.zip
  15. To be honest, I don't understand why you are being so aggressive towards me. I've consistently tested things that were suggested to me, including from you (like checking and changing the fan curve of the GPU). The only thing I didn't do is dive deeper into the 'purple pebble' issue that I saw appear once. I think the fact I have spent over 10 days now, 6 of which were nearly full-time, in solving my issues shows that I have plenty of interest in fixing them. I also have never pushed the idea of a memory/swapfile issue as my own; it was the conclusion of another forum, where several members acted just like you tbh, and I shared that here as I have shared every bit of information that I thought could be useful. That's called being methodical and complete, which can only benefit those trying to help me. Do you prefer me posting 'I have CTDs, tell me what is wrong'? It's also the exact reason why this discussion is still ongoing ("what's the point of this discussion anyway?"). It is being talked about because both Alex and me do really want to understand the issue, even if somehow it seems solved. Which again points to the fact I'm more than open to testing and investigating. I also made it clear I am not knowledgeable in plenty of the deeper functions of such things. Claiming I'm trying to get 'my brilliant hypothesis' confirmed really can't be further from the truth and is a voluntary mischaracterisation on your part, for whatever reason. Lux, which I'm no longer using, indeed has the requirement to have the assets from ELFX. As I pointed out several times, I've done exactly as the installer says: ELFX is installed still, but the esp is disabled in the plugin-section of MO2. Afaik, disabling an esp has the exact same effect as removing it. Is that not correct? Either way you'll be happy to know I have ditched lux and went with ELFX for the interiors in my latest install. Don't worry, this noob wasn't dumb enough to also install the exterior part of ELFX. Some of your theories and knowledge also seem to be contradicted by Alex. He's been consistently giving me good, thorough information, patience and support in tackling my problem and seeing this through. If you feel people are ignoring your advice, or doubting it, try being kind for once, rather than acting like a hurt know-it-all after 1 single post that you feel doesn't do exactly what you suggested. People might actually listen. And now I will go and enjoy my crash-free game; the fact you don't seem content I'm enjoying it rather than trying to solve issues I no longer see tells me enough about why you're here.
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