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  1. Which mods are you using together? Some may be incompatible together. Also, I would recommend checking 'LOOT'. You might want to go through the long process of testing which mods work together too Since this sounds like a mod problem, I would definitely look into the mods you are currently using. That's just what I thought of when I was reading this! Good luck
  2. I'm so happy the Fairy Tales are a separate add-on now! I look forward to seeing this progress ^-^ Good job.
  3. Won't lie, I'd be interested in this as well.
  4. Can you give a description of what mods/dlcs/other installed addons you have installed, at least?
  5. Hi, I am getting errors. Edit: Make games unplayable, any suggestions would be appreciated. Hugs Lib, Age Morphosis Cells and RimJobWorld are the only ones installed currently. And the only ones from my mod list causing an issue. output_log.txt
  6. I've been having a problem with it loading very slowly as well. No settings of mine changed at all.. Strange.
  7. And if it is an old save, most likely you will not be able to use it. Or you will need to re download all the same mods for it to work.
  8. Try re-installing Sexlab and SkyUI. And are you positive you are using the newest versions for them?
  9. You should run FNIS when you install the mods.. Also, check the pages of the mods.. See what is required and what isn't compatible.
  10. When will this be updated? Does anyone know?
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