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  1. after typing in the console command it gives the xp, still no sl xp:{ did some more testing had to reinstall a few mods and now everything is working properly
  2. cool im looking into it some more xp and everything else is working properly outside of sl acts, every part of the mod functions properly except for sl xp, i thought it had to be sh because of the xp integration sh has will look further into it
  3. skill tree progress works fine with succubus heart still not getting any xp from sl acts but experience is working fine for all other things, so that does mean that if useing succubus heart and you kill your rapeist/victim it should result in xp gain from the xp mod but alas still no xp gain from sl acts. still playing around with it but it doesn't look like they play well together. is there a tool or something that can be used to detect any conflicts?
  4. this mod works well with the succubus heart and other succubus mods so you could still get xp froma rape, after all your stealing the power/soul of the thing/person that raped you. so making it optional in the mcm is greatly appreciated
  5. is there any way to enchant devious devices via enchanting in game? as in the enchanting system and adding enchants to the items you have? really like the devices and some of them i never take off a character like piercings and some of the others, there are mods that add those piercings to the game without the lock and other special effects and it would be nice to be able to have the dd items enchantable the locking effect is nice, also is there a way to break a lock so it can never be removed?
  6. did some testing and its still not working I'm not going to go through the time and effort to fix it to many mods running and my current mod list is stable with 352 active mods so doing the 1 at a time when I'm just trying to play is not really gonna happen for me, but there are very few mods in my load order that affect xp gains other than succubus heart the rest increase difficulty which normally affects xp by adding more enemy's to kill thus level but im fairly certain its an issue with sh because it is the only one that grants xp handling in mcm with sexlab acts, I did try running survival
  7. could an option be added for devious device integration for collars and crimes making being collared ignore crimes like nudity masturbation and public sex?
  8. woot now if only i can get it to work, tested yesterday and it was not rewarding xp for sexlab events but all other parts of your mod were working will try it again today it might be a skill leveling xp issue with succubus heart as that mod also grants xp for sex but it handles it within its own mcm menu and changes how leveling is handled in the game, so it might be a conflict between the 2 mods
  9. is the decoupling of xp a requirement to get sexlab to grant xp for level? not a fan of decoupling skills from level especially if your playing the game with sexlab and difficulty increasing mods that add additional enemy's, sometime you just cant sleep your way through things and when your skills are capped to level it makes being a able to kill enemy's almost impossible, also mods like live another life can put you in places with enemy's up to 20 levels higher than you and sometimes greater depending on other mods installed. otherwise love the idea of the mod seems like it should
  10. kharneth is on the hotlist again this time with https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/50868 vtaw wardrobe 6 well done
  11. the newest animated perk is a little off looks kind of like the chest is splitting open for a alien to burst forth and the hand looks off as well suggest some smoothing around the sleeve to make if fit the curve of the hand, might want to decrease hand size as well (please note I use this mod and love it just offering constructive feedback) otherwise great work and keep it up
  12. does setnpcweight fix the issue? if so temp fix whats nightly's base weight and just set it manually when you see them
  13. its a example of schlongified clothing might be a good place to look first to see how its handled
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