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  1. You'll have to remove from harem, then re-add the NPC as a potential follower, the recruit again (People panel). As for marriage, you'll have to do that the vanilla way. The point of the harem is to have one or more NPCs at home, for well, use your imagination. 😉 If you need marriage and follower, don't add to harem. a vanilla spouse will automatically anyway.
  2. No idea there. Does RaceMenu owrk on its own? All this mod does is call it.
  3. OK, if you're not using brute force, Manipulator just unequips weapons and clothing. Other mods may then force things back on - and Skyrim default behavior might as well. No idea how Pahe works, sorry.
  4. Dunno what Paradise Halls does, nor how. Tried asking in the PAHE thread? Manipulator does different things based on whether you use brute force strip or not. I just downloaded the mod... here's the code: Function StripActor(Actor theActor) If(! theActor.IsChild()) if(pBruteForceStrip) theActor.SetOutfit(ManipulatorNakedOutfit) theActor.SetOutfit(ManipulatorNakedOutfit, true) theActor.QueueNiNodeUpdate() Else theActor.UnequipItemSlot(30) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(31) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(32) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(33) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(34) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(37) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(38) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(39) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(41) theActor.UnequipItemSlot(42) EndIf EndIf EndFunction ManipulatorNakedOutfit is basically an empty outfit. SetOutfit() is called twice because the first call sets the default "awake" outfit, the second sets the sleep outfit. That's it.
  5. You might hunt back in this thread for possible solutions. I believe it has come up before.
  6. Er, the player and the NPCs in the house - again, if memory serves. It has been a *long* time! LOL Maybe hunt in the thread for clues 😉 Added: or maybe not. You'll just have to find out, or pick it apart to see. 😉
  7. If memory serves - and it likely doesn't - there's a sex scene trigger at one point.
  8. LMAO! "Suspend disbelief". 😄 Anyway, glad you liked it!
  9. All of what Crag said. Further, the above quote suggests something got corrupted, somewhere. Might want to try on a fresh game, see how it all behaves.
  10. What Grey said. It is all in the description. 🙂
  11. It has been yonks since I wrote this and I don't remember the code ... but, I seem to remember that since Racemenu is where you apply tats, etc, there is no way for Manipulator to determine which ones were applied. But yes, that would have been nice. 🙂
  12. Oh now that is interesting - and makes tons of sense. As was said previously, all my mod does is call RaceMenu. So if there is a bug, it will be in RaceMenu.
  13. Shoes on backward? o,O That must have been amusing! LOL! As was noted, your issue hasn't been reported before. So yeah, maybe don't point fingers at Manipulator. Other mods that fully replicate what Manipulator does? Don't know of any, which is precisely why I wrote Manipulator - though some do parts of what Manipulator does. Given Grey's comment, it would seem that you need to look at your own Sykrim config, rather than blaming this mod. Just a thought.
  14. I'll leave that o someone who is familiar with current Skyrim; I haven't played it in years.
  15. That's correct. Same issue as with changing hair. I'm quite stumped here, as I've never heard of this before. Possibly some mod loaded later is reverting NPCs?
  16. I don't recall hearing that happen before. Have you checked in this thread for other similar reports? Not sure what the cause of that might be - and therefore I have no suggestions, I'm afraid.
  17. You can use TESVEdit or similar to find the form ID.
  18. You lack RaceMenu? Hard to guess... many possibilities. Maybe hunt through this thread, and the one for the original mod.
  19. [muttering something about people not appreciating a nice healthy tan, than wanders off into the bushes....]
  20. At a guess, one or other of those mods overwrote part of racemenu. I'd try a new game without those mods, see what happens. Beyond that, no clue, sorry
  21. Still no pic, sorry. But at least you made progress! 😉
  22. First, the pic shows as broken for me. That aside, having read the description, I have no idea at all. I never experienced this, but last time I played/modded was a long time ago. I don't know what has changed since, and how that might affect things. I can't even remember if I last used SAM or SOS. Hopefully someone else has insight.
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