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  1. heya! long time lurker, figured i'd post here to see if anyone was interested in working with me on a romanceable follower/quest mod! the brief details are below, and i'm also available on nexus under the same handle if that's easier for you :3 the mod includes 2 followers, one female and one male, both of whom are Reachmen/Forsworn. the point of the mod is to add romanceable followers, so both followers have romance questlines that are suitable for both male and female dragonborns! their families/clans have been displaced by Ulfric's occupation of Markarth, and have subsequently lost their ancestral home, The Lost Valley. each follower will be custom voiced, and will both have personal quests for the player to do as well as full quest awareness, including dlcs! this looks to be anywhere from 1500 - 3000 unique lines of dialogue. the mod will hopefully include a handful of new locations, new npcs, maybe some new armor and weapons, a player home, full compatibility with hearthfire multiple adoptions and the like, and interactions with different follower mods already on the nexus such as inigo and lucien! the inspiration for this mod came from kaidan 2, but it seems that his author has put him on the backburner, and there's a few things i don't like about the mod. so i figured i would make my own :3 i'm currently in the writing stage of the mod, but i'd really appreciate any help writing, landscaping/location building, making custom items, scripting, etc. the mod isn't itself nsfw besides a few racy fade-to-black scenes but it is focused on the relationships between the ldb and the npcs, so i imagine it fits in okay here! if you're interested, i've got a few things started with the writing and such that i can share, and i'm happy to work with amateur modders or folks with the same skill level as me (which is uh, novice, lol). i'm excited to hear from you! ladytyrell
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