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  1. Hi, thanks alot for the recommendations! I'm new on The Sims 4 modding scene and was wondering whether it needs a mod manager, like how Oblivion uses OBMM or Wyre Bash, and if so which mod managers are good to use on TS4?
  2. Hey! thanks for the help, but unfortunately even after I sorted out the load order the problem persisted, I might have to delete them and redownload them again... And for Basic Instinct I had it installed before I started using Lovers with PK, but I agree it's kinda obsolete now lol I think I'll just deactivate it
  3. So my problem is that the game will crash after the sex animation, I have LAPF and have downloaded only two lovers mods after it: Lovers Creatures 2.0 and LoversRaperS (only after I came looking for a solution have I read that I should play the game for a while to test a mod before I download another one... sorry) I'm not very good with mods nor with tech stuff but I did some testing to try and narrow down where the problem is, so I hope what I noticed here might help: the crash doesn't occur when I use masturbation spell, it doesn't occur when I use lust spell on an NPC to make them masturbate, it doesn't occur when a creature rapes an NPC, it only occurs when rape happens between the PC and an NPC or the PC and a creature no matter who's initiating the raping, and the crash happens precisely after the sex animation finishes and the characters stand up from their small ragdoll faze (hopefully that helps) And here's my load order as for utilities I have: OBSE v22.3 Pluggy 132 Elys Universal Silent Voice v93 MenuQue v16b Blockhead v11 I also use OBMM 1_1_12 Hope it's not too much work for you, and thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks alot for the help! I did see the LAPF mod but I didn't that was the same Lovers with PK that's been referenced everywhere because, again, new here
  5. I'm kind of lost here, I can't find the Lovers with pk mod on loverslab where ever I look, and I don't know where else to find it, I saw it on some other sites but I didn't know whether it was an old version or something, Can someone please help by linking a newer version of the mod here? and sorry if this is not the place for this question, I'm kinda new here. thanks.
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