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  1. Wait, don't you know about "vagnial"? It has to be vagnial.
  2. I'm looking for animation packs that include some female on male handjob (NOT solo) animations. I have a ton of animations, but while there are a lot of blowjobs, i literally have only one handjob animation. I'm looking for more. Any suggestion? I think i already have all the most common ones, like Nibbles, Anubs, Billyy, but those seem to not include handjobs (or maybe i'm missing them, i don't know, i have more than 500 animations including creatures so maybe i never noticed them).
  3. Thanks for the update. The chaurus ones were pretty good (a bit too consensual for my taste, as always), although i think you missed the opportunity to make a good non-loopable animation for the knotting with the werewolf. I'd like some knotting animations even with normal wolves and dogs, there isn't much of that out there.
  4. uglier humans then i love how Billyy pays so much attention even to my comments instead of just ignoring my criticism, because he knows i already told many times what i'd like to see, and so he knows i'll never be completely happy with these animations
  5. I really don't get the point in making animations for falmers... they're basically just ugly humans.
  6. I installed the mod and the requirements, but when i speak to Tolfdir nothing happens. Why? What should i do?
  7. Yeah, thanks, but i've already figured it out. Now i have another problem though, i posted it in Troubleshooting AAF if you're interested.
  8. Maybe it wasn't clear, but i uninstalled it right after i installed it and tested it, so nothing else changed, i didn't install or uninstall anything else. And yeah, i also tried to load a clean save file.
  9. So... i just installed AAF, with AAF Creature Pack Release v02, everything worked ok. For some reason i don't want to explain because i don't think it's important, i uninstalled and reintalled everything, in the exact same way i did before. AAF works, yes, but for some reason now when i try to start an animation, it doesn't detect the other actor, just my character. Why? How do i fix this? Is this common? Also, just wanted to say that this mod is the most frustrating thing ever created in human history. A true devilish mod.
  10. How do i start the animation?? I installed AAF and everything else.
  11. Even though i've been using this mod since it came out, i've noticed only now that even though i have the same exact bodyslide preset on both the CBBE naked body and all the 2pac's armors, the latter is way more thin. Is it normal? If yes, is there a way to fix this? Because when i wear these armors, it literally changes the body of the character. To make bodyslide presets i usually use the naked CBBE body, and then i build all the other outfits with that preset, but it's like the 2pac's armors don't "obey" perfectly to the preset, and they become way more thin and "small", with less boob
  12. Oww... you were one of the very few people doing good creature animations, especially NON-consensual...
  13. Kinda boring animations actually. Pretty standard. No new creature animations was a bummer. Also, less consensual stuff please.
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