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  1. This may be a bug, then. I got the harem line while already pregnant (but with the mutation). This happened twice: once I in 4.4, and once in 4.5. Both times it was followed by the "you might be pregnant" message spam. Trying again while not pregnant in 4.5 did not result in the spam, with no other changes. Haven't had time to actually try more than the first few minutes of the riverside episode yet, though.
  2. I'm still getting terrible lag the moment I get the larval belly. Escape: Also, I had problems with pregnancy. With too-low pregnancy time I immediately gave birth as expected. But with 12% time... watching the console I got knocked up with 2 larva, then at the end of the animation it reset back to 0. By leveraging the timer before the pregnancy plugin kicks in I was able to get it to load mid-sex, which gave me the intended result of 6 larva. Possibly the automatic pregnancy was interfering with 'normal' pregnancy and ended up negating both.
  3. My experience so far is that I talked to the glowing fly once and my game slowed to a crawl. Not sure what's going on there. :/
  4. Now that you mention it, she did walk up to the cell at midnight. But at that point he stopped bouncing back and forth and just stood in the corner, so I never saw any "distraction" as you put it. Actually, both of them are still in the same place now that I've escaped (Pan in the corner, Deb in front of the cell, neither with new dialogue). Oh, and my sneak is pretty high but I did manage to steal the key from him while he was standing in front of the cell looking in, despite Deb suggesting that I couldn't. Don't know if that's intended.
  5. Okay, another try and I independently discovered that asking Pan for food was the trigger for getting to talk to deb again. After that escape worked flawlessly. Also the pregnant bodies on both other women disappeared this time, both immediately after being used to pay for our daily food. (Well, almost flawlessly. At 11:30 on the night of the escape Pan was just bouncing back and forth between the cell door and his corner.)
  6. To be clear, I started the scenario three times. The first time, I quit because my farm outfit vanished. The second time I did the meat-delivery quest as normal, stealing the key at one point. When I came back, Pan left at 8 AM, but Deb didn't show up. And for that matter, Pan only went over to the corner of the barn, rather than actually leaving, which may be why escape wasn't working. The third time I started trying to escape immediately after being captured, giving me several days before the meat delivery quest. The first day Deb would talk to me (though none of the dialog led to an escape attempt, as far as I can tell). On subsequent days, she didn't have anything to say, not even repeating the same choices. (All three times I was correctly collared, and impregnated by the stud.)
  7. The meat-delivery quest seemed to have most of its issues fixed (I exploded if I got too far away, waited, or fast traveled) but I got a new one. After a fight with mantises, Pan started running instead of walking. And he runs faster than I do, so he quickly got too far away, and I blew up. There were some other minor outfit-related issues. One time after using the breeding stud (post-enslavement) my "farm slave" outfit vanished. Reloaded and tried again and it didn't, so good luck figuring that one out. Also, Daisy and Betty were naked (previously they had clothes?), and Betty stopped being pregnant at the start of the meat-delivery quest, and never got her belly back. Oh, and my farm slave outfit didn't seem to be pregnancy-enabled, though I'm currently checking to make sure I've got the latest version of related files. (Edit: as far as I can tell, I do. Unless there are updates not in the first post of their respective threads.) There was a problem immediately after being imprisoned. Pan kept opening the cell door and walking away. Walking through the door put me back in the cell, closed the door, and he walked away. But interacting with the door (which was locked) brought him back, opened the door, and he walked away. In the mean time Betty and Daisy were MIA. Waiting a number of times (around 6?) fixed it. Another problem - I stole Pan's key, and tried to escape. Nope, keep getting teleported back into my cell. And Debbie stopped showing up in the morning after the meat-delivery trip. Which as I understand it makes it impossible to escape. Scorpion Gulch seems to be working as intended, but if there's any consequence to not coming back frequently enough then I didn't see them.
  8. Oh, I've remembered one issue from earlier in the scenario: if you do the feeding and then talk to the farmer twice in a row, then the first time he says "good job, you fed them" and the second he imprisons you, even though it's the same day. Disabling the pip-boy would certainly help, but my only concern at that point is that it'll make it significantly more difficult to escape on your own, if you ever want that to be possible. Finally, it would make a twisted sort of sense for pan's quest to trigger once each pregnancy. I suppose you could be making trips for each girl's calves, but you also don't want to do this too often even if it is a punishment.
  9. I noticed four minor problems, though I'm not sure if they're bugs or just things you haven't done yet. Probably the latter, but they can potentially interfere with the quest, so arguably the former as well. Firstly, the collar doesn't work during the delivery quest. It ought to be possible to judge distance to Pan and trigger explosions if you get too far away. Secondly, you can fast travel during the delivery quest. Again with no consequences. Should be disabled. Thirdly, you can wait during the delivery quest. It works pretty much as you'd expect in fallout, and ought to be disabled. Finally, the jacobstown guard still does the vanilla greeting to the PC if it's their first time visiting. That probably shouldn't happen, considering that at that point you're considered a breeding and pack animal. Things seemingly went off without a hitch when I just walked along the intended path, though it did seem a bit unfulfilling. Some dialogue might help. Pan killed a bug at one point, and afterward stood still, but pushing him slightly seemed to get him back on track.
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