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  1. However, CK3 seems to have animated sex. Also, it appears that many CK2 mods here are either dead or abandoned like Noxbestia etc, but CK3 mods here are getting new updates.
  2. I have been playing CK2 for years. Love how versatile and flexible it is. The gameplay options that expand not only decisions, interactions but also the world map from Europe to the Far East Asia etc are really amazing. Compared to that, how is the modding potential in CK3 ? does it also has revolutionary mods like CK2 ? do let me know.
  3. Not using any mods or enb. Intel HD 4000, Ram 8 Gb, Windows 7 64bit
  4. In mod organizer, they seem to be conflicting with each other, but there does not seems to be any error in game so far. Is it safe to use these two together ?
  5. Thanks! Fixed it. Is there some auto translate option or do i need to manually drag all untranslated lines to google translate one by one ?
  6. Not using any mods or ENB etc. My Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit RAM: 8 GB System: Intel HD 4000
  7. I opened the translator with esp file but the text inside of that esp is jumbled up and not appearing properly.
  8. How much intimacy does this mod offers ? there does not seems to be a marriage mod for either Fallout 3 or Vegas. Does this mod adds something to develop a meaningful relationship between player and npc, or just mindless sex ? what are the limitations of this mod ?
  9. Ok. How to check for script errors after translating ? Many Thanks!
  10. Looking for a mod translator that auto translates the entire mod to English.
  11. Thanks! i need to spice up the desert with Victor and Deathclaws going at it.
  12. Please upload this file - https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cMTCZ Many Thanks!
  13. Greetings from Wasteland. Looking for some Securitron sex. Mojave is too dry.
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