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  1. Hah, I expected it to be asked. Lykas are taller and have piercings in the ears, which the nords don't have. And I just got attached to my character. But i see. Looks like it's time to become a nord. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi there! Maybe someone have this problem too. I use "Lykaios Reborn"; "Lykaios CBBE"; "Lykaios Schlongs" directly to the Data folder with "Yiffy Age"; "YA CBBE" through Mod Organizer. Everything worked until i decided to update Yiffy Age from 5.12 to and now face of my Lykaios have issue:
  3. Hi! Awesome things. Everything good, only problem with EbonyWolfArmor.rar, "Mod Organizer" can't open archive and in that i found also this:
  4. Hi, do you still have WWPets v4.0.31 and WickedWhims(v?) to work with it? Can you share it with us, because I searched in many places but cannot find. I think others are looking for this too.
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