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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15326 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22090 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34689 all those nexus links seem to work for me fyi
  2. i don't use that mod or mo2 so I can't help you too much there. but i'm sure if you post in the forums over there you'll get some help.
  3. same idea though. any cbbe texture pack out there wants to go in the default location. if you're just trying to make the player different, check out https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3006 . you could make all the npcs uunp and yourself cbbe or vice versa.
  4. exactly. but the problem is when you install leyanda cbbe and then leyenda uunp they both want to install to textures/actors/character/female with the same names. so you have to manually install leyenda uunp somewhere else and repoint everything to it. same with the body meshes. cbbe wants to go into meshes/actors/character/character assets and so does uunp. so install the uunp meshes somewhere else and repoint npcs using it to there. it can be done but it is very tedious.
  5. BHUNP, UNPB, UUNP, doesn't matter they all have the same UNP UVs. if you use a CBBE body mesh and a UUNP texture the hips look weird and the nipples are too high and the hands and feet are messed up. If you use a UUNP body mesh and a CBBE texture the hips still look weird and the nipples are too low and the hands and feet are messed up. You have to use one set as the default and then use the other meshes and textures with a custom race or follower. And give them armor that fits their body as well, and points to the right texture. A LOT of work.
  6. I am assuming you installed all the CBBE/3BBB meshes and textures to their normal locations, and want to also use BHUNP with some NPCs or followers. Please forgive me if I have it backwards, but you'll get the idea. navigate in your Skyrim SE data folder to caliente tools/bodyslide/shapedata. in there find the folder for the BHUNP body you're trying to use with a follower (like BHUNP 3BBB for example) and open each NIF in there with NIFSkope. See how the textures on the body in the preview pane look just like your problem? Now find all the BSTriShapes that have a BSShaderTextureSet
  7. ah, so. is the unp one or the cbbe one or neither in the default location? you'd have to change texture paths in the body nifs in caliente tools/shape data and change texture swap sets in the esps npc entry for each npc that was using the non-default textures. and of course rerun bodyslide afte touching all that.
  8. hana120, that looks like a unp/cbbe mesh-texture mismatch. I use leyenda cbbe for a follower (rethi by gomapero) and she looks fine with cbbe 3bbb. are you sure you don't have a mod in your list changing NPC bodies?
  9. are you running cathedral assets optimizer or SSE NIF Optimizer on the oldrim mods to update the meshes and textures for sse?
  10. Just wanted to confirm for you that the savegame issues I reported before all cleared up with your last update. I'll check out the dialog change and see if talking to daddy works now Thanks for your mod and your quick updates.
  11. this mod is a great idea and appears to work fine in game, but appears to be leaving a lot of suspended stacks in the save game and has an ever growing number of running scripts each with 2 frames, fma_handlerscript.OnUpdateGameTime calling utility.GetCurrentGameTime, and all but the last one having a suspended stack which only shows 'flag: 00" in fallrim.
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