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  1. The mod is running great overall, there is a problem I encountered tho. In quest The Refuge where you get a chaurus the shaman is a female and I have no anims for that. Before giving you the chaurus "he" requests to have sex with you but that's not possible so the quest will not progress. I'll just try few commands and probably fix it with console. Not sure if it's intentional or some other mod is supposed to make falmer shaman a male but I believe all famer shamans are female in vanilla. Edit: Yup ID was NA_MQ_Chaurus I just set the stage to 100 returned to Thaena and got the chau
  2. I start with Live another life after which I choose Whiterun breezehome. And I did check location #6 Whiterun. I'm still pretty sure both frameworks don't work so well together. I guess I could unninstall sex scene framework and disable all other mods that rely on it just to see if this one works without it. Btw SLSF is 10th in my load order which is super high, only 5 mods are higher than it Edit: disabled ssf and other mods and still get that warning. Resetting papyrus storages just messed with SSF and it wasn't the cause. Some other mod using papyrus must be at fault...
  3. Saw that post some time ago. Pretty sure there is no reset SLSF json option and if there is then it must be called something else entirely. Also Secret lives of skyrim npcs 2.0 (unninstalling it has no effect) has a dependencie which is sex scene framework and if I had to guess then SLSF and SSF don't work together well. Seems I can't use this mod as well as SLSF what a shame
  4. I'm having a slight problem. I get messages about fame increase and yet it does not increase thus I don't get any comments. Upon loading a save I get this. If I do what it asks and reset all papyrus storages mod works fine I get fame increase and comments but it breaks nearly everything related to Flower Girls. Majority of the scenes don't play. I have secret lives of skyrim npc's 2.0 and none of those scenes trigger. Created a new game and didn't reset papyrus storages and everything works fine except for this mod. Reinstalling papyrus doesnt help.
  5. If you're a new player or returning after a long break then SSE but if you're playing Oldrim right now or have recently then stick with it. Lot of players from oldrim say "must have mods" but if you come with expectations they might get ruined and you'll loose the interest. I was like that maybe 5-6 years ago then left oldrim because laggy glitchy crashy experiences. Came back couple of years ago went to SSE directly and I'm happy where it is and where it is going.
  6. Clean your masters maybe, for me and majority of players it works fine. Modding on SSE takes time, just installing hundreds of mods within an hour will break your game. Reading description of mods can save you alot of time and direct you to a proper working game.
  7. Clearly oldrim is dying just check mod counts every day sse gets more. Imo sse is much more stable has better graphics even without enb and weather mods. Major advancements are made now in see and ported to oldrim because some players don't want to let go. I deleted my oldrim long time ago and never been happier.
  8. Just use 3ba npc will stay in cbpc which causes 0 lag or issues and has imo better physics. You as player can switch between smp and cbpc ingame
  9. Went to body talk page and read the instructions there and I fixed it. So it's not just the erection slider, it's all of them that have to be 0 to work properly.
  10. Anyone has an idea what is causing this bloated thing? only during sex scenes.
  11. Could schlongs conflict with floating damage mod? Once I install floating damage schlongs tend to bend in some animations especially if they are changed in same scene.
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