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  1. You need an XML Injector for trait to appear in the rewards store Download Link
  2. I found it on the web and modified to my needs No problem, you can use it icons.zip Sorry for the inconvenience
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I updated the files, now female sims should receive the trait when you are playing as a male sim I moved it from CAS to the Rewards Store, so Sims won't generate with that trait anymore (however you will have to manually remove the trait for female sims which were generated before the 1.4 version)
  4. One file as a one archive, you need both the .package and ts4script files in your mod folder obviously Did you install the XML Injector? It's needed for traits to show up in the rewards store
  5. 1. No, if you want both traits you choose only this one: bb6857_Dick_Traits_Merged 2. No, you choose this one: bb6857_Dick_Traits_Merged_Gay_Friendly
  6. choose only 1 out of 4 versions and everything will work as intended right
  7. Tutorial on how to create Reward Traits: I'm not sure about it as I have never did any manipulations to the needs myself, but I think it's done this way: However I have no idea how to make it trigger during climax blowjob
  8. All of your Sims (even the gallery ones) who had the trait assigned to them will still have it (now as a reward trait) when you update to the 1.4.2 version (Don't forget to install an XML Injector if you don't have one yet for version 1.4.2 to work) The problem with it being a CAS trait is the following:
  9. Are you using the latest version? Because I fixed this bug recently in the version 1.3...
  10. It costs 0 reward points and also can easily be added to NPCs by using the MC Command Center Tutorial is under the spoiler: but if you prefer the CAS version you can downgrade to the version 1.3: bb6857_Big_Black_Cock_Trait.packagebb6857_Big_Dick_Trait.packagebb6857_Dick_Traits_Merged.packagebb6857_Dick_Traits_Merged_Gay_Friendly.package
  11. To "Compliment Bulge" you have to be near the Sim who has a "Big Dick Trait", interactions is located under the Romance option. Open the spoiler: To "Insult Dick Size" you need to have a "Size Queen" reward trait and have sex with a Sim who doesn't have a "Big Dick" trait, after that the interaction appears in the Mean category Open the spoiler:
  12. 1. Download Zerbu's Mod Constructor V4 Link and unzip it somewhere 2. Download the .zip archive I attached and put the Mods folder in the same directory where you unzipped your mod constructor 3. Open the Constructor.exe file and choose the mod you want to edit (hover over the text to see the actual name of the mod) 4. Click on the "Size Queen Trait" on the left and then click on the "View Element Tree" 5. An Element Tree window will pop out, the blocks you want to edit are the following: 6. To change the emote click on the first arrow beside the Instance ID and choose the "Select Preset" option 7. In the Select Preset window choose the "Bored" emote 8. Repeat the steps 6 and 7 for the other emote you want to change bb6857_constructor_files.zip
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