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  1. hi! it been long time since i last talk to you once question are you planning updated this mod anytime in the near future?
  2. hey take time all you need no need to rush yourself i was checking up on your mod and you too also since I'm fan now 😄
  3. hello there I just have question For you does this mod work custom follower like kaidan?
  4. the mod does work but this happen i install it go to skyrim i did made a save before save 14 when i try it before install etc.....on save 14 i thought i mess my game for moment went check out the load list enable on it was still doing it so uninstall that mod went back to game save 14 was fine everything look fine made a another save so install the mod again one more time now on new save 15 it causing this again i'm not sure what is going on....sooo yea
  5. the mod looks interesting there a website you can hire voice actor i'm don't remember what is call you can ask around on nexus or something
  6. who is the voice actor i'm curious?
  7. wow this is sweet home you made i'm going use this as my player home!
  8. hi Andreis my name is darkraven37 i want request if that alright? i will get to point i kept look out your updated of your pose for years now is there possible if you can make poser for mother or father holding a child in their arm hugging them or parent holding a baby i have a mod i'm using called beeing female my lady vilena wintermoon anyway she's due to have her first child in 4 or 3 game days i would love pose of my vilena holding her baby first time it would be amazing. in all years playing skyrim i have never seen or heard pose mod holding child but hey it can happen!...sorry for writing too long my bad i was wondering if you can if not i understand i will respect your wishes thank you your time take care!


  9. when i heard this mod while back i was horror time to get this mod add to NMM i don't know why won't let me but now i'm dummy i read early post and read step by step and now i got it to work thank you for mod!! can't wait future updated .
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