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  1. It's been a long, long while since I had Oblivion up and running and I have probably just forgotten what was baked into Lovers PK, but I seem to remember that there was a basic flirt dialogue baked in. I've got everything working which is miraculous, but I've only been able to test via Biko so far. Has there been a purge of old mods or something, because the PK Dialogue downloads seems to have no basic "ask" mods on there? Ignore, found them. LoversVoiceSSP and LoversAdultPlay. I thought they came with the main newer LAPF version. Silly me!
  2. I can't get this mod to even load up, the game will CTD as soon as I load a save or start a new game. Has anyone got any advice? I've already got the CTD patch installed.
  3. I wanted to get that book but it's out of print I think, it retails for about £50 which is crazy for a novel with a film adaptation.
  4. I recently watched a film called Riverworld on Prime and although the film itself was absolutely terrible and clearly called off its sequel, the premise of the story was actually pretty good. The idea was that when people die, they wake up in an afterlife of sorts on some alien world where they're provided food and clothes and people have made these basic tribal communities. Skyrim's start sequence has been a meme for a decade now, so I find it strange how nobody has created a dedicated science-fiction alternative start, or somehow tried to tie the Elder Scrolls universe to our own in some way. Personal opinion of course, but I think a mod where you start off next to a crashed spaceship with a ridiculously OP gun (albeit with limited ammo) could be a good basis for entirely new world building and perhaps give license for lore breaking clothing mods. Or perhaps if you could find some huge crashed spaceship, and find out that humans aren't actually native to Nirn at all. Or maybe an idea that Tamriel is some sort of alien experiment with humanoid species from numerous planets brought to Nirn for observation. Personally I like being able to put myself into the character's shoes but that is pretty hard to do when the cultures and worldviews would be so different. An "earth man/woman wakes up in Tamriel" mod, with some basic altered dialogues I think would be a great addition. I don't know why I'm writing this to be honest, I have absolutely zero modding ability. Just attempting to see if I'm not the only one, lol.
  5. Thank you, this actually worked. I'm having another problem now with some presets missing body textures but I'll call it a night now and just accept it. I'm half way there, lol.
  6. Stupid question, but where do you edit the face parts? On sculpt or on the sliders?
  7. I don't know whats happening here, but even when I meet the requirements for various Nexus face presets, they still look like Oblivion characters. There is one exception to the rule which has always worked (which is fortunately also my favourite) but the fact that one works out of 20 or so I've tried today is somewhat puzzling. Has anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this issue and how to rectify it?
  8. Looks interesting, does it work alongside anything else such as Attraction or Aroused, etc?
  9. Ok so I worked it out I think. When you go to the Bodyslide make sure you select CBBE Body Physics on the top drop down menu and then Zeroed Slider on the second. Click the Build button. Then Batch Build ensuring that the Build Morphs checkbox is ticked. When you go through the Build Batch menus, it will give you a list of options, make sure to choose the CBBE Body Physics wherever you have the option. I don't know if it's just coincidence but it seems to be working for me now - I don't really want to mess around with it to make doubly sure though, lol.
  10. Thanks for getting back to me! I was missing the Assets ESM. I thought I wouldn't need them as I have the SE version of DD and I didn't think the LE version would work at all. Seems to be working now, cheers!
  11. This is causing CTD when starting a new or loading an existing save. Are slave tats etc, a hard requirement?
  12. I've always had problems installing this, seems to always be pot luck on whether it will work or not. Has anyone got any info on load order with this? I've followed the menu instructions but both bars remain on 0%.
  13. I think I might have worked it out as it went away after I installed 3BBB. Did you check the gravity config box on the installation?
  14. I'm having the same issue with Skyrim as I recently had with the Fallout 4 Bodygen system, all the breasts look like their being held up in a really unnatural way. I can of course go in and manually adjust every NPC to increase the gravity slider, but I don't understand why I seem to be getting this issue on both games now? Does anyone have any ideas?
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