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  1. dont know, that's something that only oniky and storm could do for their respective mods. i'll see what i can do.
  2. these are also good references, but unfortunately this work will be delayed for 1-2 month. my current laptop becomes as slow as a snail while working with 3 and more sims in one scene. but they will be there and will continue with max 3P animations until then. and don't worry guys/girls, i'm not going on any hiatus unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. will take reference from that and create animations with my own imagination. i'm sure you will love them. i'll start working on it after this coming update.
  4. do you mean 3 separate animations? is the first animation already done by someone? and did not understand 3rd part.
  5. hey, just learnt you are back. it's good to see you again. hope you are doing well.
  6. you can find it on first page. it is name as kinkylucasanimations.V.0.3.8 and so on. kinkylucasanimations.V.0.3.8.zip here. you can download by pressing on this button.
  7. that's a good news. i he hope add those objects to passion soon coz i got few more ideas with those objects.😃
  8. ok so based on the result will focus more on above animations more.
  9. KinkyAnalust are old animations file which don't have any sounds and kinkylucasanimations are newer one. you don't need to download both. you just need to download any file and put it in mods folder. KW or passion should automatically recognize those files.
  10. Hey there! almost finished with work. will upload next update within next 3 day. Stay Tuned.
  11. feeling bad after hearing that😟. hope you are alright now. and about animations, i will alter them a bit for passion in case that object is not supported. take care of your leg, rest well and recover soon. and thank you very much for your support.☺️
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