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  1. i think storm or oniki would be right person for it. don't know if clydie knows it. asked them, they might help.
  2. by that i meant i read a lot about zombies. I think that kind of animation already exist in either amra's or lady's files but here's my idea about that animation. so basically animations starts with F holding M's hand restraining him on ground. she speeds up after sometime fondling herself. Then while slowing down M complains but F slaps him in the face. and retrains his hands again (and loop)??? if this suits with your idea then i think i will add it in next update. if not let me know your thoughts on it. and about female sim mastrubating on male sims as Clydie said that interaction has to be coded. All I can do is create a regular animations with male sim sleeping(or pretending to be asleep) and female sim applying face wash on him.😁 i have cancelled all schedule to see my lady kryptonian in sims 3.
  3. I need more than 5 trait slot. can I use social group and graduation trait as well? anyway, these 5 fits better with my personality. 1.LOANER 2.Artist 3.Athletic 4.Night Owl 5.Absent-Minded
  4. Thank you LadySmoks for suggesting my name but I am not that great animator to make animations for this wonderful mod.😅
  5. Update is on the horizon. 6 done. 1 more to go. will take a little long to though. zombies have eaten my brain. need some rest before i began working again. 1.Doggystyle ??? Anal - Floor/Bed 2.Doggystyle ??? Vaginal - Couch 3.Doggystyle Igloo - Vaginal This object is supported by passion but it given me hard time with KW on figuring out how do I make that object woohooable. There is a little trick to make this animation work.(tested with KW only) will share it later when the new update is posted. 4.Doggstyle ??? Vaginal - Bed/Floor 5.Doggstyle B - Vaginal - JungleGymTower Note:-This stunt was performed by professional sims under the supervision of a bad animator. Please don't try this at home or anywhere else😆... 6.Strip Toast A - Bed/Floor
  6. if anyone having issues with 3p or more animations try this. for 3p animations initiate that interaction with 3 actors. adding them later may cause glitch. and for 4p animation initiate with three and fourth later. it should work well. there is only one animation which is not working is Triple Penetration DFDM. will find work around for it too.
  7. i knew that would be the case. 😆 yes but not gonna make anything that involves more than 3 sims. few sims just stand in one place doing nothing.
  8. Lucas Pets Animations WARNING! THIS MOD CONTAINS 18+CONTENTS. Making Kinky Animations for TS3. Hope you enjoy them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements:- -Kinky World ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Animations:- Current Animations:- 28 Version 0.3:- **New Animations** Dog:- Floor/SingleBed/DoubleBed- Doggystyle A - Vaginal Doggystyle B - Vaginal Doggystyle Anal A Striptoast DFM (not for single bed) Double Penetration DFD Double Penetration DFM Missionary A - Vaginal Missionary Climax - Vaginal Triple Penetration DFDD Triple Penetration DFDM Dog:- Windows/SingleDoor- Doggystyle A - Vaginal Floor- Standing Doggystyle A - Vaginal Prone Doggystyle A - Vaginal Dog:- Floor/SingleBed/DoubleBed- Doggystyle A - Vaginal Missionary A - Vaginal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Extract files into your mods folder. Register with name "kinkylucaspets" you are good to go. If anyone can help with translations, please translate WoohooList.text file and message me. If you want to make your own simple animations, visit the link below :- Lucas's Tutorial Download: lucpets_changelog.txt WoohooListPets.txt kinkylucaspets.0.3.zip
  9. i'm glad to hear it. yup. i got ideas for few 4p animations but they will be rare as making them takes lot of time compare to 2p animations. which animations are not working? if you are talking about the ones in post #330 then yes, they are WIP.
  10. New update V0.4.4 3 new animations to enjoy. 1.Reverse Cowgirl - Anal 2.Cowboy - Anal 3.Doggystyle A
  11. thanks friend! i'm really excited to see what you will be coming up with.
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