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  1. Trinity is waiting for someone to comfort her after a long day of adventuring the Commonwealth.
  2. Did you launch bodyslide through MO? I assume you still need to do that for MO for FO4. Sorry to bring this up but its all I can think of out of stuff that hasnt been brought up. I personally like to use NMM for FO4 instead of MO. I have had more luck with it. I prefer MO but find NMM works better for me with FO4.
  3. Havent posted any pics here in awhile. I am currently working on a raider mashup. Armored Version
  4. I just want to say thank you. I recently came back to Skyrim after finally getting bored with FO4. I like modern/futuristic style games more than fantasy but FO4 doesnt have good sexlab yet and working vaginas. Having to reload everything was a bit of a pain. I am using your body and hdt sextoys mods, I finally got everything working right or at least close enough I think. All the links you posted, mini guides and FAQ's helped a lot. I learned a few things that I didnt know how to do. I even added physics to the gloves my character is wearing so there are still collisions during idles.
  5. Just satisfy poor Codsworth and he/ she'll leave you alone for a few hours. Or approach people proactively with the ring equipped. Thats the thing. I am doing that just that. I am taking care of Codsworth's needs and relieving him of his caps. After the deed is done we get up dress and he whistles right away. Ill take his money again, take care of business and get dressed. Then he whistles ready for more. For some reason he doesnt have a cool down. Thats when I tried to reload a save and that makes him stop. As soon as the ring is put back on he is right there again ready for m
  6. I have actually run into a funny little bug. I use quite a few of the "Hot Mama" NPC plugins. One in particular, the one that changes Codsworth into a cute blonde. Well it seems that once Codsworth got a taste he/she can't stop. If I'm in Sanctuary, Codsworth will spam me where after the scene finishes he will whistle immediately following over and over. If I reload he will stop for the time being. But if I put the ring back on he will be the first one there. Then I was in Diamond City and figured hey might as well try to make some money while I am here. So I put on the ring and wouldn
  7. Just started a play through and enjoying. Needed something fun to do since my other playthrough right now is Horizon survival overhaul. Including a couple pics of my characters hardships. Thank you for the hard work.
  8. So I messed around with the mashup some more and I like this one better. Changed the boots and added some accessories. Need to play around with the colors some more but its getting close.
  9. Working on a new vault suit mashup. Still need to add a few bits but I am happy so far. Might change the color of stocking. I mashed up something similar before but I know a lot more now so I am hoping to make something better.
  10. Wow, Thanks to both of you. I just started playing again a couple months ago myself. Picked up all the DLC's during a steam sale and been loving it. There are a lot of great mods and more showing up everyday. You should really try the game again.
  11. Pics from today on my new bed for the Fizztop Grill.
  12. You just change the texture to what ever you want in photoshop or gimp and then add the alpha layer to it. After that you will need to add a NiAlphaProperty in nifskope to that piece of clothing. Then change the material file to check for alpha. I have found not all outfits work the same so some need different material settings. Also this top didnt play nice with GIMP because it is saved as a BC7 dds and GIMP wont open it. I had to download MS visual studio 15 to open the file and save as a png first then I could open in GIMP and resave as a BC3/DXT5 dds. There are videos on youtube
  13. omg that mashup looks beautiful! where can i found the top with semi transparency? Thank you, Its a custom texture I did of the hellokity top from one of bumex's Skyrim conversions. Its called SkyPinkPrincess in his mod. I actually used that pink princess outfit in one of my FNV playthroughs way back when. I like the original top but it didnt go with this outfit. So I decided to change it to an old worn cloth look that has a minimal amount of transparency. Just enough to see through when dry and look even better when wet. I've been thinking about doing a mod of some o
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