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  1. seems like there was something wrong with my papyrus ( I think when I tried to convert to vortes and back it messed something up) but reinstalling it has fixed the issue. 👍 just strange YA6 worked but not YA7
  2. Sadly I don't think it's a load order issue, because even when I disable ALL mods besides YA it still crashes before the music starts playing
  3. It is not, like I mentioned before YA6 worked perfectly fine just when I updated to YA7 it started crashing. Everything also loads fine in xEdit too so I don't know, I might try reinstalling skyrim though I don't think that will do anything, i'm just running out of ideas. Edit: I also went back in the thread and found an old YA5 esp someone made and I tried that and it worked, to confirm it wasn't my load order that was causing the problem.
  4. Right when continue and all the other options show up it crashes, I do use Mod Organizer 2 and I load YA at the very bottom and all its patches below it, same with the ESPs. Through disabling and enabling mods and esps, I learned it only crashes when YiffyAgeConsolidated.esp is enabled / being loaded even by itself and no other mods, I assumed it was a problem with the mod but if it works fine for you then I don't know. 🤔 Edit: just noticed a new version went up (7.3) i'm gonna try that and see if it works 👍 Edit 2: It does not 😭
  5. so after updating to YA7 my game seems to just CTD on start up with the mod enabled, disabling it allows the game to load fine. Is this just a me thing? Everything worked before updating to YA7, I've even tried to run skyrim with just YA enabled and nothing else and the game still CTDs. I also haven't deleted or removed any mods recently, just updated from YA6 to 7, xEdit also starts up fine when I run my load order through it, so i'm a little stuck. 😭
  6. Hi, I asked this question a couple months ago and didn't get a reply so I was still wondering; is there any plans on recreating the YiffyAge Apachii hair patch? (Mainly just for the player hair) I would do it myself but i'm pretty hopeless when it comes to making my own mods, I've tried a couple times they just never work. Sorry to ask twice, I just really like a lot of customization and YA is pretty much a primary mod in my load order. :^)
  7. Is it okay if I can request an apachii hair patch?
  8. YiffyageHairpatch causes grey face on certain NPCs if you're using that.
  9. A plantigrade patch would be nice, I like this mod a lot but Yiffy age with a ton of armor mods = a lot of goofy foortwear, it looks like everyone is trying to sneak around on their tippy toes. >.> Is there anyway to get plantigrade legs without nifskope?
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