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  1. Edit: NVM - Just re-read the first post. Missed the most important part while trying to read it half asleep.
  2. First, great mod. Thanks for making it available so early in development. Second, an issue. For testing, I set the chance of this mod replacing an SL animation to 100%. What I'm getting is this mod recognizing what I want, moving the actors to the markers and then simply playing a normal animation instead of the invisfurn animation it assigns. It should further be noted that I do, in fact, get an invisfurn animation to play if I change animation sets after the fact. Also, a question. Do I need to have the original corresponding animations activated for the invisfurn version t
  3. I had figured as much. Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something on my end.
  4. Should give it another try if you don't have any luck with FG. The misaligned animations aren't an SL issue (generally), they're an animator issue (and generally not an animator fault). Like SL with AP before it, FG had the benefit of less initial limitations and SL's entire catalog of missteps that allowed it to come out of the gate with more polish. Deselect and suppress (many of) the default SL animations and install better ones. Milky, Leito, Anub are good for starters. Haven't had an issue with alignment for a while and any that I do have generally can be solved by making
  5. Is the balls always clipping through the penis just a thing or is there some way to fix it? Happens big/small, forward position/back position, high gravity/low gravity, etc. Is there an alternative mesh without the balls? Additional information: - Using 3BA w/ CBPC only. - Schlongified, not equipped. - Using a custom female idle from Sexy Idle Animation (but it happens when walking/sprinting as well).
  6. Constructive. It's free and open source. Make it better. -- To my reason for posting... I'm having a problem with 1.5 (that I may or may not have had with 1.4 -- I switched from an Nvidia card to an AMD in between). I just get this error code when I attempt to start up: Was going to delete the above post, as I resolved it while typing, but I figure it's best to leave it for others who may run into the issue: I had to re-download (I got it from the Mega link) and extract everything again. I had to re-download it twice, for whatever reason, but it worked in the end
  7. FWIW: Bodyslide 4.1.3 (current) does not like the topless outfits for me. Everything else converts fine. Fatal error crashes when attempting to deal with the topless conversions. Minor issue given the quality of the mod, but I figured I'd do a bit of non-batching to see if I could figure out why installing these bodyslide files kept crashing the program. Another interesting thing I found out (not related to the mod, but potentially helpful) is that the 'MAKBody' preset crashes the program when batch building for me (Converting CT77 meshes and the WTF bikini armor replacer stuff), but t
  8. Sorry, I don't post often (pro lurker) and I hate to do it to voice any sort of complaint on this awesome mod, but I'm still getting texture issues on at least one 'Broken Woman' in the arena bloodworks (if she's supposed to be there) and various captives, even with the patch (my data folder said those files were there anyway). Aside from the files in the OP is there anything else I'm supposed to download from the thread? I've searched and am willing to just install everything from the start of the thread until now if it's necessary, but I'd rather deal with it in the simplest way first, i
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