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  1. Glad to hear it! Here's an extra pro tip, you can reply to multiple posts by others in one post. Just hit quote on everything you want to include and then type under each one in the text box. That way you also don't end up with multiple posts. Anyway, I'm done being forum police now, sorry! I don't think anyone's mad at you! Just seeing it happen again and again makes it a little frustrating when spoilers for picture-heavy posts are sort of an unspoken rule (like Azazellz described it). I only joined earlier this year too and it was easy to notice that, from browsing some of the gallery threads here. So I can kind of understand where that "goddamnit" reaction came from, lol. I'm rambling now, don't let it discourage you and keep posting!
  2. Agreed, please use spoilers @helioskrill. And instead of double-posting, you can just edit your previous post and add your new screenshots to that, further reducing the bloat. These options are there for a reason, and very easy to use too. ^^^ Just like that.
  3. It's my character's long lost twin! Great stuff. Thank you, TRX-sama!
  4. I'm using SE for these screenshots, but the overlays also exist for LE. The eye makeup is from Female Makeup Suite, the freckles are from Freckle Mania 2. Body is a combination of CO 52 Faedis from Community Overlays 3 and WNB Nordic 3 from Weathered Nordic Bodypaint. You can, you just have to click the "Quote" button on every post you want to include in your own message, and then write your text below each quote in your reply. Anyway, sorry for going off-topic. More stuff.
  5. I already answered the first question higher up on this page. The race is the default nord race, with some RaceMenu overlays applied. Also, it would be nice if you could put all your questions into a single post, otherwise it's getting a little bloated here.
  6. Thank you both! Wearable Horns SE by PraedythXVI and Nezzar's Ultimate Lingerie Collection, respectively.
  7. @zilvradrow Thank you. It was a preset I found for UUNP, and I tweaked it a little (mainly max weight). I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it. I attached it so you can give it a go (if it works...) I guess now is the perfect time to jump on the demon girl train... TRX Addon is looking good. Test.xml
  8. It's BHUNP with a mix of Pure and Fair Skin textures (with some boob squishing physics going on in that first pic). I'm thinking about switching to CBBE though, seems to be better supported on SE (including the rather nice mods being made in this very place). Two more images...
  9. Sadly I'm a complete creation kit noob. And I'm still in the progress of modding my game, so I don't really have the energy to dive into that right now. Sorry!
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