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  1. 1.2 update would be nice, I love this mod
  2. Could this mod either get an options menu, or respect the vanilla LV menu options to hide event popups? My empire is pretty big, causing so many popups all the time that I can't really play the game anymore. LV lets me hide its popups while keeping the events enabled, but WL sadly doesn't. Thanks in advance, I hope it isn't too big of a hassle but it would make this mod all the more playable. Anyway, great content, keep up the good work
  3. So uhhh, I just bought Kenshi, am following SsethTzeentach's modlist, but it seems that the milk mod has been deleted from the nexus. Anyone got a copy of it for me to use? Thanks in advance, you absolute legends.
  4. Thanks for the quick fix mate!
  5. So uhhh, where are condoms listed in the stockpile zone menu? I made a few hundred, but my colonists just keep making them indefinitely because none of my stockpile zones, not even the new ones, are set up to take condoms. I tried to enable them manually and even manually add them to the item category of the mod, but I can't find em in there no matter what. So, how do I enable condoms to be stored in a stockpile zone (so, what category are they in in the menu, I swear I checked em all) or alternatively, how do I manually add them to category in the mod until the author
  6. Alright, I'll try reducing my script load and see if it helps at all. I do have an ungodly amount of mods running, so it is to be expected. Maybe if I decrease script activity on all mods I can get something you can work with. I guess starting a new save would be the healthy decision, considering the amount of other stuff that is broken and throwing errors, but I really don't wanna lose about 40 levels of progress... Oh well, I'll see how long this save lasts before it becomes unplayable, and then your mod will work fine when I restart from scratch. Either way, thx
  7. @Holzfrau Update: here is a log from the most recent version of my save (which had GenderBender active for some time, but not working) right after it has been cleaned with FallrimTools. I does seem to run a little smooother, but I haven't seen the GenderBender MCM appear yet. Also it seems to have really confused the NKY 3rd person camera mod. Papyrus.0.log
  8. I'll give that a shot, Either way, I have noticed my game being a lot less stable with Papyrus logging enabled, though I guess that means it is showing issues that would only be masked and hidden without Papyrus logging, but still present nonetheless. Either way, I have noticed some other script-related issues in my savegame, primarily Devious Devices not playing animations on unequip, as welll as DD gags (and recently DD bondage mittens) acting weird on unequip, with the script not activating sometimes and leaving ghost versions of the items equipped visually and functionally.
  9. Okay, here is my Papyrus log from an old version of my current save that has never had GenderBender installed yet. If you need anything else, just hit me up and I'll gladly provide it. Papyrus.0.log
  10. @Holzfrau I've been kinda busy myself, am finally gonna get the Papyrus logs. What kind would you prefer? I can give you logs of me just playing on my normal save, with the mod not working for a while now, or I can give you logs from a new savegame with the mod activating just fine, or I can give you logs from my normal save while re-installing the mod, after de-installing it first and making a save without it.
  11. Alright, I'll get on it (don't have papyrus logging enabled atm), thanks in advance for helping me out
  12. I am having this same issue after trying to install this mod. Can confirm that the MCM appears just fine on a new save, however I'd really prefer to keep playing in my current savefile if possible. I tried waiting many days in-game, changing locations a few times, and leaving the game running for a few hours of realtime to see if the MCM menu would appear, but it never did. I also tried the console command to force MCM to update all its menus, but even then the menu did not appear. Any idea how I might still be able to get this mod working in my existing save? I c
  13. I didn't realise that. These logs are from another run, this one didn't crash at all. Papyrus.0.log slif_debug.0.log
  14. Here is my most recent Papyrus.0.log: The game crashed on autosave at the end of the log. And here is my slif_debug.0.log (debug messages were turned off in MCM before):
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