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  1. There's one important thing to consider if you are using Naked Dungeons together with other mods: the very point of this mod is to give some basic functionality to several features for which other dedicated mods exist. Naked Dungeons is modular: you can individually disable whichever feature you want to use a dedicated mod instead. For instance: - You don't like the idea of Naked Dungeon's guards punishing you for showing up naked in public? Disable the goddamn thing and that's about it. - You want to use SL Defeat? Fine, but then disable Naked Dungeon's Immortality feature. It's an either/or type of decision. - You want to use Deviously Helpless? Fine, but then you should disable Naked Dungeon's "Harmless" feature. There might be conflicts. - You have a mod that makes NPC's rape you and you like the way it's implemented? Okay, but then set Naked Dungeon's "Civilian Rape Chance" variable to zero, otherwise there might be conflicts and/or too many forcegreets. - You have a fancy eating/bathing etc. mod you like? That's great, but then you won't need Naked Dungeon's "Obesity" and bathing function. Things like that. But it's true the other way round as well: - You need a no death feature but you don't want to install a whole mod for that one thing? Naked Dungeons "Immortality" gives you a very reliable no death alternative which is guaranteed to work 100% of the time and covers the most important functionalities of the dedicated mods. - You don't want to install a whole basic needs mod but it would be nice to have something that has something to do with eating and bathing? Naked Dungeons has a basic solution to offer. - etc. etc. That said, it's possible to experiment with mod combinations, like Naked Dungeon's Civilian Rape and other mods that use similar forcegreets. But the outcome is uncertain: they might turn out to work together just fine, or the result can prove to be an utter disaster, it's pretty much impossible to predict. Use these things at your own risk.
  2. There will be at least one more update to this mod, mainly bugfixes and a few small new features. I'm currently working on it.
  3. There will be at least one more update to this mod, mainly bugfixes and a few small new features. I'm currently working on it.
  4. There will be at least one more update to this mod, mainly bugfixes and a few small new features. I'm currently working on it.
  5. If you mean falling out of the current cell together with some weird graphical glitches, it has something to do with SexLab itself, Naked Dungeons can't do anything to prevent it, at least nothing I'm aware of. It used to be even worse with previous versions of SexLab IIRC.
  6. While the player is a member of the zbfSlaveFaction, Civilian Rape and Guard Punishment are disabled to avoid some mod conflicts.
  7. Not atm. As a next step I think I'll need to make ND fully DD4 compatible, but that will be a shitload of work and I have very little time now.
  8. Well I've never experienced the camera getting stuck in the "unconscious mode", nor have I heard of anyone else experiencing it before. It certainly takes some time (up to 15 seconds approximately) for the script to do its work, but after that the character must come round and all the visual effects should disappear. It was working fine with vanilla Skyrim, and it's working OKish with ENB as well (the only slight problem in the latter case being the screen not remaining dark throughout the whole time as it should). Your problem might have something to do with your setup having been overloaded by too many running scripts, perhaps a few orphaned or buggy ones, some of them preventing the trap's script to finish, but it's just a wild guess to be honest.
  9. Well, you need to check whether your character is a member of the following faction: ndun_HarmlessFaction ("Harmless Faction") There's an easy way to check it: open the 'Debug' page of the Naked Dungeons MCM. There is a variable there called 'Indecency status', followed by something like 'DECENT', 'NAKED', 'HELPLESS' or 'NAKED AND HELPLESS'. The actual value is not important, but if there is an exclamation mark in parentheses at the end of that line - like, for instance: NAKED(!) - then it means that the player character is a member of the ndun_HarmlessFaction. If the exclamation mark is missing, then the PC is not in said faction, which means that your problem has nothing to do with the Harmlessness function of Naked Dungeons. There is another faction used by Naked Dungeons into which the PC might have got stuck in, the "Disguised Bandit Faction". You'll have to use the console to check whether your PC is a member of it: - Open console - Type "help disguise" (without the quotation marks) - You'll get a list of forms having the word "disguise" in their name - Find the "Disguised Bandit Faction" entry, there will be a form ID (a hexadecimal number) next to it (something like '0F3B9F8' or any number like that) - Type "player.getfactionrank 0F3B9F8" without the quotation marks (and with the actual number of your form, not this made up one) - The console will return a simple decimal number. If this number is negative, than your PC is not a member of ND's disguised bandit faction, which means that your problem is not related to Naked Dungeons. If the number is non-negative, then you can remove your PC from the faction using either the - "player.setfactionrank 0F3B9F8 -2", or the - "player.removefromfaction 0F3B9F8" command. (Again, don't type the quotation marks and make sure to use the actual form ID given by the above help command instead of this random number I typed as an example). But the symptom you describe (some NPCs losing hostilily) is not necessarily related to Naked Dungeons. It happened to me as well ages ago (when ND wasn't even a thing). If I recall correctly, it turned out that my player character got stuck into one of the bandit factions (some mod may have added her to it), I had to remove her from the faction using console.
  10. "Entrance event weight: why would whoever put the trap there strip the PC, place her gear nicely outside, then rearm the trap and disappear?" The entrance is permanently trapped, there's no need to rearm it. The nature of the trap is to stip the player and hold their belongings outside. The package is just lying outside the dungeon entrance. 1. Entrance event: ... but no one happens to find it. 2. Guard event: ...someone recovers the gear and gives it to the guards for safekeeping until its owner turnes up. 3. Citizen: ...someone who caught sight of you entering the dungeon and the trap go off recovers it but and leaves a letter in hope of getting some kind of erm.. reward. 4. Bandit: ... a wanted criminal finds your package. The guards suspect who the culprit is but since they escaped their jurisdiction you have to find the thief yourself. 5. Dungeon event: ...a bandit living inside the dungeon finds your package and since he knows how to bypass the trap, he takes it inside. 6. Captive event: ...the bandits living inside the dungeon find not your package, bu you yourself (lying unconsciously inside the entrance). They have fun with you, then throw you out of the dungeon. As for your package, any of the above 5 can happen with it (it's random IIRC). As for the all-in-one nature of the mod: it was implemented this way precisely to avoid overloading the load order. ND contains a basic, but functioning implementation of various features covered by larger, more script-heavy mods. If you need all the functionality offered by a large, dedicated mod, then you use that one, and disable the corresponding sub-feature of ND (if you disable, for instance, ND's Immortality because you prefer Defeat, there will be no running quests/scripts left behind by ND, so all you lose is some minimal disk space). But if all you need is some basic, simplistic functionality of that particular feature, then you can just use the one built in in ND, which saves you some place in your load order. I was satisfied with most of the dedicated mods (although I don't use too many of them), so it's not if I wanted to make ND a competitor of them. The only exception were the no-death mods, none of them was working flawlessly for me, I was struggling to set them up in a way to achieve an absolutely no-death outcome. So this is why I built one inside ND from the ground up, which (afaik) guarantees that the PC cannot die ever, not even from falling damage. As for Outdoor captivity: The Captivity event is a subfeature of the Robbery event, so if you set the Robbery event chance to 0%, then it cannot be triggered.
  11. Oh, it's a bit more clear now. It is not related to the new Captivity event (the one in which you have to struggle out of a Zaz furniture), since the mod never triggers any kind of whipping upon this event. It must have something to do with one of the old equipment retrieval scenarios, namely the "Captive event" (the names are similar, it's pretty confusing I admit). There must be a hidden bug somewhere in that scenario. I'll look into it as soon as I have some time. Until then, you can prevent it from happening again by setting the "Captive event weight" variable to zero in the "Equipment retrieval" group of the ND MCM page.
  12. No, it's not known. The underlying reason must be an unusual one (not even necessarily originating from the mod itself). Have you used the GenerateFNISfor Users utility since the last time you installed something new (it's not necessary to run it after ND installation, but you might have installed something else). As a temporary solution: have you tried the Player control center MCM page of Zaz Animation Pack to restore player movement?
  13. 1. When you enter a dungeon the first time the mod decides whether or not the entrance of said dungeon is trapped (randomly, depending on the trap chance variable). The mod will remember this outcome (the "trapped" state of the entrance) so that you won't be able to get your equipment into the dungeon by simply leaving and reentering. (Note that the mod does not keep track of the "trappedness" of all the dungeons you've ever visited, only the latest one). 2. The "Captured" event (the one which uses Zaz furnitures) can be triggered by two types of events: (1) dungeon traps and (2) combat defeat, the first of which works independently of Immortality. 3. Armour amortisation is a part of the Immortality feature for technical reasons (it uses the same script attached to the same player alias in the same quest).
  14. It seems to be working as intended. ND supports up to 3 followers (see the descriptions). Any further followers' items are supposed to be given back to the PC upon quest completion.
  15. Hotfixed version (2.0.1) uploaded Changelog: Mod organizer friendly version (thanks to CGi) "Naked Dungeons MCM not registering without save/reload" bug fixed "Followers possibly losing their equipment permanently if 'Follower strip chance' variable is less than 100%" bug fixed "PC stuck in the fighting stance after deflation if the Deflation function was used with weapons out" bug fixed If the PC is tied to a Zaz furniture after having been defeated and raped, assaulters no longer turn hostile again until the PC has managed to free their hands Captivity events no longer create new Zaz furnitures if there is already an eligible Zaz furniture nearby Wriggling out of Zaz furnitures after Captivity events no longer use stamina if the stamina cannot regenerate (some mods may temporarily set the stamina regeneration rate to zero, which could make it impossible to struggle out of Zaz furnitures The devious devices chance variable used to have no effect on the Civilian Rape events. This wasn't a bug (I never intended it to work that way), but since I understand that it could be confusing for the user, I changed that: Civilian Rapers will now observe the aforementioned variable when equipping devious devices. Known problems still possibly present in the hotfixed version: During the Captivity event it was quite possible to press the menu accidentally before the 'Free your hands' message arrived. This could result in the Captivity menu keys not registering perfectly or even falling out of the furniture with no way to move your hands or do anything. In this fix I tried to do everything I could to avoid this situation. I'm afraid it's not perfect yet, but nonetheless it must be much better than before. Note: if you stuck in the Captivity event, the proper console command to recover from it is: setstage ndun_CaptiveQuest 100 Zaz furnitures created on Captivity events might not always be aligned perfectly with the surface mesh (sometimes they are created a little bit above the ground)
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