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  1. Please help. I have errors and can't play my game. Thank you! Nisas_Last_Exception.txt
  2. Ver LL.2.1a at Time: 08/09/19 14:45:57 on Windows with WW v145b and Basemental hates you Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_1a\NisaK\utilities\hazard_detector.py", line 40, in wrapper File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_1a\NisaK\wickedpervs\stripper\nudity.py", line 75, in _on_sim_outfit_change File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_1a\NisaK\wickedpervs\stripper\nudity.py", line 23, in get_nudity_type File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_2_1a\NisaK\utilities\turbo_calls\nudity.py", line 25, in turbo_get_si
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