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  1. I think I went out of my way not to use Crowning Isles, if I remember correctly that mod is mainly for people wanting to watch their female character getting fucked? The race mods are mostly from the mega pack that was around on here a few years ago, so I just grabbed them all and installed them. I've removed a few of the mods I had before and moved the current mods around. I've followed the thread for setting up the mods as closely as possible and it should mostly be fine. I'll give it another look in the future, I was simply wondering if anyone had an idea why the save games would
  2. After shes broken, try releasing her. I recently updated all my mods to the ones still being worked on, and I found that a lot of the slaves you need to train dont get "activated" as they should. They usually have unique dialog for you when you first talk to them after getting the quest for them, if that dialog doesnt play, then go under Order and then Release, once you've done that, try talking to them again, if they play the dialog, then knock them down and enslave them. Then, when you think you've trained them the required amount, yet they dont do the whole "I've seen the light! O
  3. So, I got an issue, and I cant really put my finger on what the cause may be. I recently switched from the previous version of Tamago/Hiyoko to this one, figuring I'd run into less issues late game if I had a version actively worked on, and while it works fine, the game seems to suddenly corrupt my save games, crashing the game before the loading bar even reaches 1%, I cant really see why, but it seems to happen every time I do something with Cherry from Bravil Underground. I've noticed theres a bug with the entire questline for Bravil Underground which makes the
  4. Turns out.. It might be the outfit.. I changed outfit and suddenly there were no more jelly shoulders
  5. Heres a screenshot of the "jelly" shoulders. Its not very pronounced, just know that I didnt make the dude into a girraffe in the CAS
  6. Hmm, I've done a cursory look in the thread and I cant see anyone else writing about this. Just started a new game, and I was confused as it looked like my male character had a stretched neck. I tried going into CAS to change it, however he looked normal there, when I returned to the world however, it turns out his shoulders (Or rather the midpoint between neck and shoulders), has turned into jelly the middle of his shoulders literally bounce up and down before they settle again, as if the mod has confused the mid point of the shoulders for breasts on a female character. Log.txt
  7. Thanks, may look into it in the future, but I'm not too fussed currently. Not feeling in the mood for modding, and the game is running fine for now, so it suits my needs.
  8. Works just fine like it is, its how I used to have it before i "upgraded" the Hiyoko/Tamago mods as well. Reason I dont want to move them around is because I've made a few mods for personal use, 1 is an empty house outside Bravil with 4 female dancers (They use the dancing from the Bravil Underground mod) and some beds, I basically use it to house the slaves I have. Another mod that I made is basically just for "breeding", all the races that dont appear naturally in the world have been stuffed into the basement of the Rosethorn house, (Bunny girl, Dremora, Cat girls etc.). If I move the
  9. I swear, this is just like with programming.. You get stuck on a problem for days, you cant figure out why, you finally find someone else to see if they can find the error, and boom, suddenly if fucking works ^.- I think it had to do with enb. I redownloaded it and increased the RAM available and suddenly it worked, I think it crashed just before the message about Hiyoko names would get added and that it might freeze the game for a bit, because it was about when the game would usually crash I finally got that message instead.. So, hopefully it all works now.
  10. So, hopefully some kind soul here can help. Game crashes after about 5 seconds of play, I get the first popup about press ctrl to womb or something, then I accept, 4 second later, instant crash. I recently moved everything from a fault harddrive to a new one and I figured its because I was missing some files or something, so I've redownloaded everything. However, I am honestly not sure if this master pack is so "new" that other plugins no longer work well with it. I got the newest LAFP + all the requirements and a bunch of other things, I even deactivated all mods except Alternate start and th
  11. If possible, could you provide a second download option for NisaWickedPerversionsvLL_2_3e? For some reason, LoversLab cant find the file, though the rest of your files can be downloaded just fine.

    So, as a temporary patch, could you upload to something like mega.nz or something like that?

  12. Will we be getting breast "physics" like in your animations for Sims 3? I honestly loved your animations for KinkyWorld, and I loved how the breasts actually had physics, i couldnt help but be a bit disappointed the Sims 4 animations didnt Is this a limitation of Sims 4? The Whicked Woohoo mod? Or will it come eventually? Either way, I am blown away by the quality you display, you and all the others such as Mike24 and many others I cant remember the names of right now.
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