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  1. n4-t3 the synth


    ok, so defeat is glitching ,where i am in a state of invincibility, instead of being in a defeated state, i was wondering what mods could mods with it
  2. https://discord.gg/Ugd2KcUGhttps://discord.gg/Ugd2KcUG here is a like if you want to join and help me, its still in wip, just keep in mind its a erp cross over of minecraft, terraria and starbound with mods to spice things you
  3. somthings wrong, when i get to 0 hp my power points dont regen and i stop taking damage
  4. i think i found it, now i just need to know how to make a pak file from a link to a doc
  5. well, they dont sadly, i keep hearing extract, but it wants a password
  6. used super zip trying to find out how to turn it into a zip file, then i keeped them in a different folder (sexbound 1-2) now i tryed putting them in 1, still nothing
  7. if i do that the mods dont do anything
  8. im some what new and im a fucking dumb ass, anyway how do you use them, it keeps saying access is denies
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