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  1. Thank you for clarifying, I should've known a Android/ Synth shouldn't be able to conceive anyways though I thought it might exist Thanks again
  2. Thanks, this has stopped the instant CTD that occurred when using the older version with xNVSE
  3. This has most likely been asked either being the same question or similar about another race but How do I allow the Daughter's of Ares race to get pregnant in the mod? And another question on that, How can I get pregnant in the game?
  4. Will the script extender ever work with xNVSE 6 and higher? As of recently trying it, It results in a CTD Everytime I load the game with xnvse active and script extender active I wanted to run the b42's melee bash but it won't run without xnvse 6
  5. I'm having a problem with this mod, It worked fine at the beginning but now the plants and pills have no affect I am using fallout 3 with all DLCs and I'm running SexOut as well I'm not sure what is causing this, Perhaps it's because I haven't milked my character for a few in game days or something I'm not suree but again I still can access everything the pump human milk pills and plants but most have no affect i even consimed the quest starting goo again and that had no affect Any ideas?
  6. No this mod won't work with fallout 4, and I believe Fallout 4 has it's own, not that I've used it but I've seen it while looking through the loverslab mods for some outfits and aaf animations
  7. Whenever something from this mod us triggered that involves the player like Kidnappings and non consent sex scenes afterwards I can't use my weapons normally All i can do is melee with left ALT and if lucky i get access to vats The only way I was able to stop this is by saving and exiting the game and relaunching the game but that just gets on my nerves alot I also tried to see if the input commands were altered and the console said nothing was detected Figure that this bug is related to this plug in since there multiple support plug ins for this causing problems
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