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  1. Hey, first of all I wanted to say thanks for this mod and your continued work on it. I really appreciate all you've done here. Next I'd like to give my two cents on some things if you'll hear me out. The naked rule could really use some love. As it stands now when you get asked to do it, you can immediately ask to not have that rule any more. Then if your master accepts they can (and usually will) immediately give you the rule again. The whole thing is a bit silly and should probably have some delays between things. On the topic of naked rules I had a gre
  2. Hey thanks for the mod, just two things: First, I just found out this need to be run after "Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul" in the load order, if not the web effect wont work. Second, Do you have any plans to add more web devices? I've always wanted tight full body cocoon like a web hobble dress.
  3. Is this broken for anyone else? When using an armbinder if I turn "use bound animations" and "preserve aggressiveness" off It is still filtering my animations, but rather than the armbinder animations it gives me a different type of animation. For example vaginal animations are being switched to masturbation animations.
  4. Wow, I did that so long ago I barely remember how I did it, but if I remember correctly I used a tool to extract the code from the hkx file and make the change in notepad. I definitely don't remember what it was called and I don't still have it on my computer still so you'll have to do some research. Try looking for "hkx extractor" or "havoc animation extractor" something like that. Once you've opened it up you can compare the code to an animation with a working step and go from there. I don't know if any of this will help but I wish you luck.
  5. So Dragonfly walk and sprint animations were missing footstep sound triggers. The "step fix" fixes the animations with missing code lines. Don't ask how I did it cause I cant remember its been so long. As for SSE I do not believe so, seeing as I made this before SSE came out and I still use LE.
  6. That was referring to the fix I posted for "The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce" walking animation which does replace animations, not heel sounds.
  7. Found a problem, leather restrictive boots are missing feet. they show up in bodyslide but disappear after building. Eb ones seem to work fine.
  8. It should still work, I'm still using it after all this time. to install just drag and drop into meshes/actors/character/animations. no need for FNIS because these are replacing basic animations.
  9. I would also like a link Please and Thank you
  10. So I found my problem after a few hours of messing around it turns out i have too many anims in FNIS. A heads up if anyone else has this issue.
  11. Hey, I am having trouble upgrading from 4.0>4.2. When I try to load a save or start a new game after upgrading to 4.2 I get a CDT, 4.0 works perfectly for me though. I've tried the usual cul prits like making sure FNIS is up to date and checking the load order but no success so far. I would very much appreciate help if possible. I've attached a log for starting a new game if it will help any, I know its a bit of a mess sorry. Papyrus.0.log
  12. So here's a really weird bug I have with 3.0. When I equip ANY slave heels it "equips" a different pair instead, usually black pony boots. However they are not really equipped since I can equip any regular (non-devious boots) to remove them, they just stop the current boots from being equipped. Boots seem to work alright on a new save though just my current play through. luckily 2.9 seems to work fine so I guess I'll use that for the time being.
  13. It works perfectly... TY! Btw can u tell us what was wrong with the original animation and why it didnt work? Np glad I could help. As for what was wrong.. basically, it was just a missing line of code. I converted it to a readable format, copied the code from a working animation then adjusted the timing of the sound to match the animation.
  14. Are you talking about the spinning idle animation? Cause that one your character is not actually walking....Its an idle. Hehe... No... Im actually talking about the walking animation.. I dont use that iddle..... I noticed that some walking animations cant be detected by the Heels Sound mod for some reason... Like this walking animation from dragonfly and a couple of animations from FNIS Sexy moves by fore ... I was wondering why Can u try it by yourself please? .... Just replace the files that say mt_walkxxxxx.hkx Cuz the heels sound works for me for most walking animations....
  15. I had this as well. Though I suspect (but what do I know) it might be something to do with Deviously Helpless. Do you have that installed? The guys are talking about DH being broken with SL 1.60 over in it's thread. I remember at one point being chased by a bandit but he stopped and walked off. My thinking is that a scene was started but never was stopped. The variable WD_chasing was set to 1. Setting it to zero didn't help. So I removed DH and DE and clean saved. I reinstalled DE but not DH but the thing is I was still considered 'busy' by DE after reinstalling so maybe it's nothing to do wit
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