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  1. Have you tried for example necrodog feet or MagicBot feet? Because both works perfectly fine. There are other that works, but i know for sure that both necrodog and magicbot works.
  2. It requires get to work. As far as i know it has always required get to work, so no idea how did you make it work before without the expansion. Take a look, it is quite clear in the strip clubs web page...
  3. You have to update Nisa wicked perversions to the latest version. The version you are using is super outdated and will conflict with wicked whims. Then delete the localthumbscache file and try again. You have the same problem, very outdated Nisa mod. Update and it should work fine. If it does not let us know. For you both: It is a very good idea to always check for mod updates and see if they are functional or broken everytime you update your game to a newer version. Otherwise you will run into errors all the time.
  4. Cool that it worked well for you . I dont know why EA makes these things so difficult, but luckily there are usually workarounds or mods to fix it. Enjoy your game 🥰
  5. I have tried 3 different ways to do it, and both work well. Perhaps there are more, but these two are the ones that i know works: 1- Get the id of the butler sim. You can do this for example by shift-click on it, the select "wicked", and then "sim information". You can do it also with console commands. Then just open the console and write: sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas ID , where ID is the id number of the sim. You will get to cas and there you can modify whatever you want in the career outfit. As far as i know and as far as i have tried it work for all career outfits. 2- Use "role outfits disabled" by Bienchen. One of the modules is to disable the butler outfit. The butler will use his/her everyday outfit instead. Then simply give him/her the outfit you want, make up etc... 3- Only if you use MCCC: Click on the butler, "select mc command center", select "sims commands", select "modify in cas". If the butler is wearing the career outfit you will be able to modify this way. I do not know if this way works all the time or for all the career outfits, but you can try it and its very easy and fast to do. All these ways are easy and work fine, but like i said, there are probably other ways to do it differently 😄
  6. Numbers 1, 14 and 22 are probably my favorites in that group but i am sure all of them will end up being great
  7. You mean the "preferred skin color archetype"? It is still there in the "details attractiveness traits" category.
  8. Do you want to set it up as a strip club or just a normal nightclub/lounge? If you want to set it up as a strip club you have to buy the venue with one sim, and set everything up to make it functional. You will also be able to select what kind of clients you want to get. If you want to set it up as a normal nightclub or lounge you can use a mod called "gender and more lot traits" by LittleMsSam, that allows you to allow or restrict what kind of sims visit the lot.
  9. Click on your sim, then "Wicked", then "Settings", then "sex settings", then "autonomy settings", then "autonomy awareness" and you will see both options.
  10. The "slow time" feature works perfectly fine and it should not cause freezing games or crashes. Are you using other mods or custom content other than wicked whims? If so, have you tried moving all the other mods out of the mods folder, delete the localthumbscache file, repair the game, and see if it works then?
  11. AEP is outdated, you need to update it. All of the KS slice of life mods are reported as broken and causing issues with the last updates of the game, you should remove them from your mods folder for now until it gets updated. The same goes for all the KS school mods. That means that you should move all your mods named "KS - something" out of the mods folder. You have 1 duplicate, it is good idea to remove it (KnifeProp.package). Then delete the localthumbscache file, repair the game and try again. Twistedmexi allcheats can cause issue sometimes too, but you can start with the other mods and see if it works after that. Sacrificial mods are probably ok.
  12. Body selector is a feature in wicked whims, you will have to download custom body parts for it, but the body selector "per se" is included in wicked whims. You click on your sims, then select "Wicked", then select "Personalization", and then "Body selector". If you do not have this option there is something very wrong with your wicked whims or your game version is too outdated to use it. If you do not find the body selector please attach a screenshot of your mods folder where we can see where wicked whims is installed, the wickedwhimslog file, and what version of the game you are using.
  13. Please attach any lastexception file you have (ideally mccc lastexception, but if you do not have mccc base game lastexception will do too) and/or wickedwhimslog file so we can take a look and hopefully find the problem.
  14. And how did you download it yesterday? That version has not being around for almost a year. Make sure you do not have an old duplicated version of Nisa somewhere in your mods folder, because that will cause issues. Keep only the files of the newest one.
  15. You did not have this problem before? Did you install something new in your game before it started to happen?
  16. If you mean wicked whims, the current version does not work with 1.77.131 (you need 1.77.146 or later).
  17. May i ask what you are talking about? If you have a new problem please explain here what the problem is, because nobody around here is psychic. If you are talking about a problem you reported in a different topic and somebody else was already trying to help you, it would be better for you to continue in that same topic and not open multiple threads for the same problem.
  18. Usually yes, but some authors keep older versions of the animations too and some have also different versions with different sounds and/or speeds. So sometimes you only need one of those files. It is usually very well explained in the download page, what every file contains and what you need to download. So yes, you should read the download description before downloading anything. I understand expending 30 seconds reading is a big effort but trust me, its worth it.
  19. If your sims 4 is not updated (at least 1.77 or later) it will not work with wicked whims 166a. If you have other mods other than wicked whims you have to make sure those are also updated and reported as functional for your game version. A pretty common mod that can cause this problem if outdated is Nisa wicked perversions. If you are using Nisa make sure it is updated to the last version. If you still cannot get it work please attach any lastexception files you have, or wickedwhims log, or systeminfo file if you are using MCCC, and we can take a look at it.
  20. The localthumbcache is important since it store information from the game and, more importantly mods and CC. It’s purpose is the same as any other cache; to be a section of memory in which a program can store information and data so that it can access it quickly. If you’ve deleted a mod from your game and not deleted your localthumbcache, bits of information from the mod are still in your game and can continue causing trouble. So yes, you should always delete it when you change something in your mods folder.
  21. Yes, i love your sims, very original and well made...Even the "ugly ones" 😄
  22. Do you have the sims installed in your MS Onedrive or is it only that you named a folder like that? If you are using OneDrive that can cause some issues in game. A lot of custom content has tuning files that can conflict with other mods using also in game tuning. If something is not working as expected It is always a good idea to move all the custom content and mods other than ww and the animations out of your mods folder, delete localthumbscache file, and try again. You do not need to save, just start the game and try if it works without the other mods, or (ideally) create a new save just for testing purposes. If it works without the other mods you know it is a conflict, if it still des not work we can focus on some other possible culprits.
  23. If they stay dressed even when you manually force them to undress then there is something really weird going on in your game, so it is for sure that you have some mod or cc that is conflicting with wicked whims (yes, even if it is updated) or have a duplicated version of wicked whims on your mods folder, or you are using a game version and a version of ww that do not work well together. You can attach the wickedwhimslog file here so we can take a look. If you have MCCC installed you can also provide a lastexception file (if you get any) or a systeminfo file.
  24. If you do not provide a bit more information it can be difficult to help you. What version of the sims are you using? Are you using other script mods or custom content other than wicked whims? If so, have you tried if it works after moving all your other mods out of mods folder and deleting the localthumbscache file? Do you get any error message? Do you get any lastexception (if so attach the file here)? Can you provide a wickedwhimslog file so we can see whats going on?
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